Sunday, April 13, 2008

Screenshot Sunday - A bit old school :)

For the past few weeks I've been posting new things that Asara has gotten, well, here's an older one :) This was the product of quite a lot of time, because you see, Night Elves are supposed to ride big cats. But if you get enough reputation with another city, you can buy a mount from them. Over the course of a few months, (and a LOT of runecloth), Asara built up enough reputation with the humans to buy a shiny new pony!

3 fellow footsteps:

crazy working mom said...

Pretty pony, Asara. ;)

Linda said...

I'd love to have a nice horse to go raiding with like that! Provided I ever went raiding, of course!

Rebecca said...

You are so cool. That looks awesome. I want a horse someday. Woot!!!