Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm gonna shoot it!

I hate this mentality. I'm sitting here at work, and my Chatty Coworker (formerly known as The Whistler) tells me, out of nowhere of course, that he's got rabbits in his backyard. He says his girlfriend wants him to buy a live trap, and take them out to the woods if/when any are caught. He says, no way, I'm going to buy a pellet gun! I'm gonna shoot 'em!


I'm not going to argue the point with him, because he's not one to argue with. He's going to do what he's going to do. I've long since accepted this, and tend to just keep my mouth shut when he says things like this. But really, it kind of bothers me. I mean, the rabbit is just eating to stay alive, just like he does. I'm sorry it's eating the plants you paid money to have, but come on! Aren't there other ways of handling this than just up and shooting things? Of course! There's live traps, there are probably other sorts of fencing he could put up, or things he could put around the edge of his lawn that would discourage the rabbits from going in there. But no, going out of his way for a stupid rabbit is too much work. Driving it out to woods that are three blocks from his house (I know, I used to live in his neighborhood) and letting it go, that's just too much hassle. Just shoot the stupid things and throw them away. There will probably just be more next year anyway.

He makes me nuts.

Correct me if I'm wrong here, but it just occurred to me... wouldn't that technically qualify as "hunting" and require a license anyway?

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Rebecca said...

Yes...he needs a hunting license. And what a jerk to shoot a poor little bunny. *sniff*


Do you work with Dwight Schrute ?