Monday, April 28, 2008

MaNiC mOnDaY ~ Rip!

So it's been a while since I first started this blog. Back in the beginning I wrote a post about my online persona, Asara, and where she came from. I thought that today, since I've got a lot of people reading my blog now that weren't here when it all began, I'd RIP myself off and post that again. So here you have it: Meet Asara!

Here's an old screenshot of the character (currently) bearing the name that has been with me since I was in college. It all began with a newsgroup. I have loved dragons for almost as long as I can remember. When I got to college, I brought my computer with me. My sophomore year I discovered newsgroups! There was one called that I joined right away. People were discussing the different kinds, sharing their descriptions of their dragon "selves", that sort of thing. They all had names for their dragons, but I didn't yet. At the time, I saw myself as a white dragon, with gold accents (claws, horns, that sort of thing). So I posted, can someone help me find my dragon name? They came up with Asara (if you hadn't already guessed). From that day on, she became part of my personality. Not much later, I started a character on a MUD (Multi-User-Dimension. They're text-based RPG's, pretty basic, but still fun!) called Land of Legends. I named her Asara, and she was a drow warrior. At the time I didn't know what drow were, just that they were dark elves, so I described her as a blonde elf with brilliant emerald eyes, and metallic green armor. I joined a clan called the Dragon clan, and soon Asara had a dragon personality of her own, and the drow warrior was just her human form. One of my clan members drew the picture here of Asara, as she would be if she escaped the MUD world.
The Land of Legends eventually disappeared into the ether, but by then Asara had considerably expanded her influence in my life, online and in RL. I made a web page, in which she figured prominently. {{DISCLAIMER: This web page was built when I was in college, I have since lost the password to edit it. Much of the information is outdated, I just wanted to let you all know that :) }} Every game I played, Nintendo, XBOX, Playstation, my character would be either Asara (for a girl) or Nemesis, if it was a boy. (Nemesis was the rank Asara eventually achieved in Legends.) My email addresses almost always feature her name in some form. And finally, my hubby bought me World of Warcraft. Of course Asara will live there also! My first character, a night elf named Asara. Not a warrior in this land, though, but a hunter, because really, who can beat having a pet in a game that will help you fight?? She has had many pets throughout her life, almost always cats. Her main pet now is a beautiful teal-striped cat named Aquarius, and then just last week she tamed the wind serpent above, Bubbles. Thus continues the fantastical life of Asara. Though the face she shows the world is ever-changing, her presence in my soul will last forever.

--Current status: Asara is now level 70, Beast Mastery spec, with three special pets, Leshya the Ghost Wolf, Zingarnor the GM kitty, and Jacqueline, the Warp Stalker. She is a proud member of the raiding guild Spanish Inquisition, on the Malfurion server. She has recently (see screenshot below) acquired the Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix, and her first piece of Tier 5 armor :) Her guild is 5/6 SSC (hopefully 6/6 after tonight!), 2/4 TK, 1/6 Hyjal, and working hard every week to progress.

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Mo said...

I still say it's cool that you and your hubby share this hobby.
Happy MM!

FRIGGA said...

I think that's pretty cool. Not that I know much about dragons, but I do have an interest in Mythical/Mystical (?) creatures like fairies and such.