Thursday, March 13, 2008

Supah Awesomesauce!!!!

So I was going to talk a bit today about how much fun I had raiding last night, but what I found in my email box this morning is so completely awesome, I have to talk about that instead. Thanks to Entrecard (I am really loving this widget!), I came across a site called "Musings from an Angry Bansidhe". Another WoW-player, of course, she offers her skills as a graphic artist to create banners, signature images, even Entrecards for anyone who wants one, featuring their WoW character. So I signed up to have one made, and over the weekend sent her some screenshots of Asara and Leshya, and even a couple of Jacqueline (my other raiding pet), in case the images of Leshya wouldn't work. Leshya is pretty see-through, and for the life of me, I couldn't find something to stand her against that didn't have a texture, which would be difficult to edit out. However, Bansidhe came through for me, and presented me this morning with this beautiful piece of work:

I am just completely floored.. a HUGE thank you to Bansidhe for this, I just bet that my guildies are going to be soooo jealous!

6 fellow footsteps:

Sara said...

Awesome banner!
BTW, nobody ever expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Asara Dragoness said...

HI Sara!!!

Linda said...

That is very impressive, even to someone who is non-WoWer!

Daisy said...

That looks great, and the colors are perfect to represent your blog, too.

Skittles said...

OMG!!! That is freakin' fantastic!!!

Mo said...

That's cool!
Almost as great as when you got an Entrecard graphic for your birthday!