Friday, March 14, 2008

I have a confession to make..

It's WoW-related too, just FYI.

Last night was our guild night for Karazhan. We usually run two groups, group 1 is usually tanked by our GM and rocks the Kasbah as far as getting through bosses. They cleared the whole thing in just under four hours last week. Group 2 is more of a learning group usually, and takes a bit longer. The groups are usually a pretty good mix of experienced vs. inexperienced people, so that the ones who know what's going on can guide the others through. Our guild has gotten to the point that several people have more than one person at level 70, so they are starting to want these characters to get gear from there. That's not a problem, they just get shuffled over to the inexperienced side of things, to learn the role of their other character in the instance.

Last week I was in group 2. We did pretty well, only left 2 bosses alive, and finished in around five hours I think. I was determined this week to get into group 1, because I have a quest for one of those last two bosses, and I want to get it out of my quest log. So I signed up early, even though I had no idea what my work schedule was going to be like this week.

Everyone was online on time yesterday, and we were just about to get started when one of the newer tanks logged on. "Darn, I'm late!" he says, when he sees both groups are full. GM says, you should have signed up! He replies, but I did! GM goes and checks, and sure enough, there's the signup, two posts above the GM's signup. So technically this tank signed up first. GM leaves the group. New tank comes in as main tank (MT). Our second tank is the alt of the rogue class leader. As I saw it, he was going to be learning from our GM how to tank. Well, now he's going to be learning from this new tank.. that's all right.. isn't it?

The answer to that question is NO. New tank says.. so yeah.. I've never run this as a tank before. So if anyone else wants to mark things.. let me know. Hubby offered, but apparently nobody took him seriously, as new tank starts marking things. First pull is usually a single undead horse, he marks up all three that are visible from the doorway. Priest CL says um.. I think that one pulls by itself. Oh, ok! Just getting to Attumen took us like half an hour. Then we get there, and they spend ten minutes deciding who is going to tank which part.. they pull, and... wipe. At this point I am really getting frustrated. This is NOT what I signed up for! I feel like I know the pulls better than either of these tanks do, and I know I don't pay that much attention. At the very least though, I know that the main tank is supposed to tank the horse over by the wall, and the off-tank is supposed to pick up the Huntsman when he comes out, and keep him over by the cart. They've got it backwards. They have the mobs in roughly the right places, but they've got the off-tank on the horse, and he's having trouble keeping aggro on it. We get them down on the second try. Then half the group takes off to the stairs for the pulls up to Moroes. Um guys.. we always clear this last group by the repair guy, can you come back? Oh.. ok.

We managed to one-shot Moroes thanks to a soulstone on the main healer. But again, we spent ten to fifteen minutes dithering over how to divide and conquer the adds. At this point I was pretty much fed up with the whole thing, and hubby was going.. AAARGH, I should have taken CL position when they offered it to me, I'd have the authority to take over for this guy and mark stuff up and direct them. After Moroes, I'm frustrated, hubby's frustrated, I'm already getting tired.. and hubby asks, "do you not want to be here any more?" I said not really. So he pulled the plug on our modem.

I am not proud of this. I know we just ditched 8 other people, who now have to take time to try and replace us, which may or may not have been possible.. I can't remember how many other people were online at the time. I am usually a very patient person. Any other night I probably would have grinned and bore it, just trucked through to get done as much as we could. But I had an awful day at work, and that combined with the disappointment of knowing that once again, I was going to be in the slow group, when I had been so psyched about being in our GM's group.. I just couldn't handle it.

So to G1, I'm sorry, though I know you'll probably never read this.

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FRIGGA said...

Wow, I'm clueless as to what that was about... 8-)

Happy Friday!!! :-)

Kiyotoe said...

Don't you hate when people find a way to mess up your good time?

Even though it sounded like you were speaking a different language, I got the point ;-)

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well honey i read this. every word. now i am totally wiggy. is there a translation? somewhere? no? oh...

smiles, bee

Mo said...

You're gonna give Miss Bee brain farts.

Linda said...

Hey Carrie! You've been tagged for a new meme over on my blog! Hope you can play!