Friday, March 28, 2008

It's almost time!!

Last night before my guild run of Karazhan, I worked on my reputation with Netherwing some more. I am now within 2000 rep of getting my new mount!!!! One more round of quests and the Cobalt Netherwing Drake will be mine to ride and enjoy :) Hubby will be happy because he hates the Netherwing quests, and is only helping me out to earn some extra money. After today he'll only have to do them if he wants to, we'll be able to do some of the other ones instead.

I will post a screenshot as soon as I can :) This is a big deal for me.. I've been waiting for a long time to have a dragon of my very own to ride!

3 fellow footsteps:

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

you get to ride a dragon? oboy!

smiles, bee

FRIGGA said...

I'm thinking you're talking about World of Warcraft?

Hey - you were almost right, but the song title is a little wrong with that Ramones one - come back and try again!! :-(

Linda said...

Now who wouldn't be excited about being able to ride their own dragon and go on raids? Sounds pretty cool to me!