Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Content - Good or Bad?

There's new stuff floating around the World of Warcraft this week. On Tuesday they distributed a new patch, which added a new island to visit, with some new quests and new instances (dungeons) to run. This means new gear, more opportunities to earn money, all kinds of things. However, we haven't been given all the new stuff right off the bat. We were given access to some of it, the rest we have to unlock. And we do that by doing the new quests every day. This is great, in theory. Our server has applied themselves pretty well to getting this done, I must say. We will probably have the next part unlocked some time today, and get to work on the third and final part. There is only one problem. This is a very small area, and it has a LOT LOT LOT of people in it, trying to get these things done as soon as humanly possible.

Our internet is not always very stable. There are times when hubby and I can't visit the main city because it's too crowded.. our internet can't keep up, and crashes completely. A quick reset fixes this, until we try to go back. Well, this new area is beyond crowded. There are just too many players crawling all over it trying to get these quests done. This is worse than when the expansion came out and the majority of the server population was questing in the first zone of Outland, trying to level up to 70.

The end result of this is that hubby and I have yet to experience any of the new stuff that everyone else is so excited about. We tried to fly up there yesterday, and couldn't even land before our internet kicked us off. We want to be able to do these things together, so we won't even be able to run the new 5-man instance unless we get summoned in. Our guild leader wants everyone to help with the new quests, but we can't do that. Sorry Malfurion, you'll just have to unlock the new areas without us.

Anyone with opinions on the new area and quests is welcome to leave a comment.. I'd like to hear about it, even if I can't see it for myself! :)

2 fellow footsteps:

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh i don't like big crowds honey.

tell them to bugger off!!

smiles, bee

Rae said...

On my main server, trying to do anything in the new area is insane. It's soooooo freakin' crowded!!

It's definitely worse then when BC came out because this area is so condensed. You trip over people everywhere you step.