Thursday, February 14, 2008

Desktop MeMe, Take 2

All right, my mother-in-law (whom most of you know as Skittles) tagged me with the Desktop MeMe, and now I am finally getting to it, lol! I have done this one once before, but I figured that since my desktop image has changed, I'd have another go at it. This is another WoW screenshot, of course. In the middle (the blonde one) is Aurine, she is my Blood Elf hunter, and the white lion over there on the left is her pet.. and I'm such a bad player, I can't remember what I named him. Mostly because now she runs with a black lion, whose name is Leareth. Anyway, this was taken in Tranquillien, which is a city in the Blood Elf starting area. In this one building are several people who give quests at about the same time. And one thing you learn in WoW is that people who have quests for you at your level will have yellow exclamation points over their heads. When you accept the quest, they turn into grey question marks, and when you finish the quest and come back to turn it in, the question mark is yellow. As you can see, Aurine had finished three quests from these people. And her comment is my attempt to be witty, though it would have probably been better if I had taken the shot before she accepted the quests in the first place. BUT, there you have it, my desktop. I know it's a bit cluttered, and the funny part is, I rarely if ever use most of the shortcuts on it. I am just too lazy to take them off. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! I'm not going to tag anyone this time around, but if you feel up to giving this one a try, let me know so I can come visit, ok? :)
Also, before I go, I want to thank everyone who stopped over yesterday to wish me happy birthday :) I did have a great day, and I'm adjusting to the fact that I've entered a new decade in my life. And even if I'm not completely over it, it's Valentine's day today, so I can drown my sorrows in chocolate, right? :) Chocolate slim fast, that is, I AM still trying to lose some weight, after all!

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Skittles said...

Me and Mike have a team doing quests out of there right now so I know exactly where that screen shot is from. Wanna come help us kill Zul? lol