Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ahh, I love love.

The lovely Linda posted a video today of one of my favorite songs from the movie Moulin Rouge. It reminded me of something that will probably have the hubby trying to shush me up, but it was sooo cute and romantic.. I had to share, considering what day it is today.

Back before there were kids, hubby and I lived in a small apartment in the upstairs of a house. I remember one night I was taking a bath with a good book, like I do, and he was in the other room. I don't remember what exactly he was doing at the time, he might have been playing WoW, but either way, he had the soundtrack to Moulin Rouge on. I could hear him singing along, and then suddenly the bathroom door burst open, and he came in, singing to me. He jumped (fully clothed!) into the tub with me, splashing water everywhere, but still singing at the top of his lungs. It was the sweetest thing, and still a memory that puts a big cheesy grin on my face when I think about it.


6 fellow footsteps:

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

How romantic is that. What a great memory to have. Have a great Valentine's Day. :)

Mo said...

Aw, that is the greatest!
I ♥ you & Billy!

love to you, sweetie!


Linda said...

Oh my gosh how sweet and romantic that is! A moment of spontaneous singing and bathing!

I thought Billy was the greatest when I met him but to find out that he not only listens to but sings songs from Moulin Rouge puts him even higher in my book!

You are a lucky, lucky woman my dear!

Skittles said...

Was it "Come What May" or "Your Song"? :)

crazy working mom said...

Oh, how funny! He and my hubs would surely get along. He is definitely out of his mind, just like Brien. :)

Hope you guys had a very good V-day.

Amazing Gracie said...

Oh, I love it! That is delicious...
I knew I was in love when hubman teared up watching "Somewhere in Time." Oh, and don't let him know I told on him!!!