Wednesday, January 23, 2008

No bow :(

We killed the guy, which was a first for me, but no bow. I did get a couple of gear upgrades though, so I'm pretty happy altogether. Maybe next week. I felt pretty proud though, we ran two groups, and I was in the one led by my guild master, for the first time. It seems that generally he takes the people through who have been quite a few times, and his group always gets more accomplished than the other group, or at least gets things done faster. I was also proud to see that I was keeping up with the other hunters in the group, damage-wise. It was a good night, even if we didn't stop until midnight! They wanted to keep going, because there were two bosses we didn't get to, but I had to get to bed so I wouldn't be a complete zombie for work today ;)

In other news.. I am completely shocked and saddened to hear about Heath Ledger. He was one of my favorite actors, and it just stinks that he's gone. My heart goes out to his daughter and her mother.. very very sad thing. :(

3 fellow footsteps:

DirkStar said...

Man, the stars are falling like leaves from the tress in fall.

I am starting to lean towards the suicide theory. Turns out he was turning down roles left and right and had pretty much cleared his schedule of everything.

So sad...

Mo said...

Sorry you didn't get the bow.

Tragic about Heath Ledger, indeed.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I haven't a clue about the game honey. But I too am sorry that you didn't get the bow.

Never saw Heath Ledger until yesterday. Or heard his name either. It's a shame for his family, or anyone that young that passes away. :)