Sunday, October 28, 2007


Hubby and I just got back from a small, impromptu road trip. My parents had the kids for the night, so we rented a car and off we went! We didn't want to go too far from home, so we ended up in a small hotel in Ludington for the night. Once we got up, we didn't have any plans, so I asked hubby if he would mind driving a little past home before we came back. He said sure. This is where we ended up!
Those of you who visit It's a Blog Eat Blog World will probably recognize this particular storefront!

Unfortunately for us, the charming proprietor was not in residence, but two of his furry sidekicks were about, and one of them came right up to the window to say hello. Isis was intrigued to see people wandering about outside the store when it was closed, Jazper was much more laid-back about it, and retained his position on the floor as guard-cat.

Mo, we were sorry to miss ya! We would have called, but we left from the hotel (and forgot to borrow their internets), so I didn't have your number, and I didn't want to appear the stalker by looking up your address and dropping by! We still had a lovely drive, the northern part of the lower peninsula of Michigan is gorgeous this time of year, I must say! I promise though, next time I have a rental car at my disposal, Dowagiac had better be on the lookout!

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Anonymous said...

Don't you look so cute in the picture?! That stinks that you missed Mo. He'll be so disappointed. :(

Sounds like you guys had a good time, though. His store looks beautiful doesn't it?!

Sandee said...

How cool is that. What a great idea. I wish I was closer, I'd be there too. Thanks for sharing a neat adventure. :)

Anonymous said...

How fun! I love Ludington! :)

The store looks charming, and I could get lost in there for quite some time. :)

Rebecca said...

Hiya...we both posted the bunny...I never knew you posted that before...lmao. I swear we are sister seperated at birth.
PS You are radiant have a smile to die for!!!

Rebecca said...

*sisters, that is*

Linda said...

Now that sounds like fun! To be able to just go away for a weekend ... how nice!

Too bad you didn't get to see Mo, he's going to be so disappointed!! I would be!

CJ said...

How cool! Good for you and the hubby.

However, I must interjection with a personal beef of mine.

Ludington is not NORTHERN Michigan. Northern lower, yes. Northern Michigan was, is, and always will be the Upper Peninsula. It irritates me when people refer to the middle of the LP as Northern Michigan, like we don't exist up here.

Now that I've ranted, nothing you said was taken the wrong way. I've just made it my life's goal to remind you 'flat landers' that we're still here!

I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend.


Anonymous said...

No offense to the U.P. , but its like an attic. You kinda forget about it till you need to go up there =)

Amazing Gracie said...

Ha! Too funny!!!
~~~If you enlarge the photo with Isis in it, one of the sunflowers has someone's face in it.
These are good pics - too bad that Mo was not there. Jazper looks rather stately, doesn't he?

Carrie said...

hehe, sorry about that cj! I fixed it for you ;) To me, anything north of where I live is northern Michigan!

Anonymous said...

As a troll (lower pennisula resident) all my life, I have always thought of the northern section of the lower pennisula as Northern Michigan. The U.P. is in a class by itself. When I speak about it (great camping!), it is never referred to as Northern Michigan but as the U.P. However, both the U.P. and northern L.P. can be called "up north".
This may not be right. It is just how the people I know refer to it.

CJ said...

Didn't mean to start any sort of controversy but it bothers me to hear people talk like the UP doesn't exist.

Maybe I should take a lesson from Sara and whenever I hear it, remind myself that we're in a class by ourselves - a Superior one at that.

Thanks for changing it. I appreciate that.


Carrie said...

I certainly never meant to offend, and I do apologize :)

Mo and The Purries said...

Oh - I don't know what to say!
How did I miss this?!?!?!?!?

Glad you at least got to see the store, and the kitties -- next time you're in the area, you have to call my brand new cell phone so I can meet you!

Thanks for thinking of me!
love ya,

ps: Billy, I LOVE your UP comment!

CJ said...

Like I said - no offense was taking. It's more along the lines of a pet peeve thing.

As for the attic thing...

Where in the world would your house be without an attic? It'd be awfully boring, wouldn't it?

And we kinda like being such a well-kept secret.


Maggie Moo said...

Wow! That's very cool that you got up there...but too bad you missed The MoMeister.

Hopefull *soon* right? ;)

Anonymous said...

Very cool! Although if I ever made it all the way there, I would most certainly be stalking Mr Mo!! hehe