Monday, July 16, 2007

*Insert cool Transformers noise here*

Hubby and I went to see Transformers yesterday, and that's all I have to say about it. I was really impressed! There were a few cliche movie moments, but I don't know too many movies that don't have those sorts of things, cheesy lines like, "I'm glad I got into the car with you", as the hero races off to save the day. My favorite Transformer has got to be Bumblebee. Besides the fact that he turns into a sweet Camaro (rrrowr), his personality is the best out of all of them. He had me laughing out loud several times, in large part because of how he talks. It's explained later that his voice modulator was damaged, so he uses songs and speech clips through his radio to say what he wants to say. He does this even before his true nature is discovered, and his use of this song had me laughing louder than anyone in the theater.. one of those unfortunate things that happens to me every so often when something catches me as really funny, and I am completely not expecting it. I give you "Baby Come Back" by Player.

2 fellow footsteps:

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! I wanna see it. :)
The trailors have made it look awesome!!!

Amazing Gracie said...

Since we hardly if ever go to the movies, this one probably won't make our list but I'm gld you enjoyed it so much!