Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Sad Song for a Rainy Day

"Hello" by Evanescence
Playground schoolbell rings, again
Rainclouds come to play, again
Has no one told you she's not breathing?
Hello, I'm your mind,
Giving you someone to talk to...
If I smile and don't believe
Soon I know I'll wake from this dream
Don't try to fix me
I'm not broken
Hello, I'm the lie
living for you so you can hide...
Don't cry...
Suddenly I know I'm not sleeping
Hello, I'm still here,
all that's left
of yesterday...

7 fellow footsteps:

Barb said...

Powerful lyrics.

Amazing Gracie said...

Are you sad today? I hope not...That's a very blue, melancholy song. I'll have to look it up and listen to it.

Mags said...

I haven't heard this one...I'm going to check ITunes right now...

Carrie said...

No, not sad :) It was just one of those gloomy days outside, and it seemed to fit.

Crazy Working Mom said...

It was a gloomy day here yesterday. Not too bad out today. The sun is actuall shining. I love Evanescence. They are actually from Little Rock, a few miles down the road from me! :)

Linda said...

I love Evanescence but I don't believe that I've heard this song; I'm going to have to look it up, too!

Hope it's a better day today for you and less gloomy!

Mo and The Purries said...

Sending you a smile
and some sunshine
and a big {{{{{HUG}}}}}

ftb mo