Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Getting started a bit early

I left my bottle of pop at home this morning. I'm trying to get into a better routine with my eating habits, so I've started actually having breakfast at home, and bringing a lunch with me to work. But in the midst of getting ready and eating my cereal (for the record, Frosted Cheerios taste exactly like Alpha-Bits), I forgot to grab a bottle out of the fridge. I did, however, remember my new water bottle. So I tossed in a packet of Special K protein water powder (Strawberry Kiwi flavor, yum!) and stuck it in the fridge here at work. We'll see if I crack and get some pop out of the vending machine.. I'm going to try to be strong!

I'm also going to be bringing a snack and an actual lunch. So today I have an apple and some peanut butter, and leftover ribs. And on those occasions when there are no leftovers from dinner, I'll have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Still no new WoW news. After dinner last night (BBQ Ribs, SO yummy), hubby hooked the Xbox up to the modem and we got some new songs for Rock Band. Two Evanescence songs, a Toby Keith pack, and Thrash Unreal. So of course we had to play them! We did all the new ones with me on lead guitar and hubby on bass, then he wanted to go to bed and read for a while, so I hopped on the drums for a couple of songs just to see how I would do. Not awesome, but not too shabby either. After that I got the microphone out and did some singing, then it was bedtime for me too.

I think tonight we'll probably play some more. I had dolled my avatar up like Amy Lee when I was singing Evanescence songs, but I think I'll play around with her some more and make up another wacky outfit. She had been wearing a feather headdress and some funky armored leather stuff, with a loincloth thing. Before that I had her in a fedora and a blue coat with fur, like a pimp. See, I don't really play for the music.. you can't buy new clothes if you don't have any money, and the only way to get money is to play the music!

Not really, I honestly have a lot of fun playing the guitar and singing. I think I will do some more tonight! :D

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Oooh! I am excited!

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