Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What a morning!

So I had a few extra minutes this morning, and I hopped on WoW to do my cooking daily. I was one cooking award away from the last recipe I needed for the Northrend Gourmet (Cuttlesteak), and I had fished up the Moonglow Cuttlefish yesterday morning before work. Thank goodness I did too, with the patch keeping servers down for as long as it did. Because I finished grabbing my mushrooms from the sewers, bought my recipe, and...Ta da! Chef Asara is born! Now to save up 100 awards for that sweet Chef's hat, and I'll really look the part! I didn't have to leave for work quite yet, even after finishing that, so I thought I'd give the new fishing dailies a try. The lovely lady by the fountain sent me back into the Underbelly to fish up some old jewelry from the sewers. I have had a love/hate relationship going with fishing in the sewers for quite some time now. Every time I get a chance, I'm down there trying to get myself a Giant Sewer Rat, but never had any luck. I've been standing next to someone who fished it up several times, though. Imagine my surprise and utter shock then, when I fish up the quest item, and with it is a little whisker with a blue name next to it... and my screen lights up with yet another achievement. At first I thought it was just for getting the quest item, then I read the achievement itself. And what do you know...

I got myself a rat, at long last! He really is giant too, compared to the size of most of the other pets. After I turned in the quest, I opened up my little bag of fishing treasures, and there was a diamond-tipped cane in there. I sent that off to hubby before I logged off for work, because I think it will accent his pimp outfit nicely.

Tonight, provided I'm not at work until bedtime, will be Troll Time. I still haven't picked a pet for Neztraz, I'll have to do some thinking about that today. This set of characters will be interesting to level, as we don't have higher-level characters on Cenarion Circle to feed gear and money to them as they go, like we did on Malfurion. We do have a plan for that though, we're going to make a pair of Death Knights and take them into Outlands to quest. What we make from vendoring rewards should be a help, and they will also serve to run each other through low-level instances, at least for a while. I can't wait to see how far we get!

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Amazing Gracie said...

Thanks for the award, dragon slayer! I appreciate it and you.

Linda said...

I did my award post today though I passed on passing it on - my bad!