Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Noble? Me? Pssh.

Once the realms came up yesterday (dang maintenance), hubby and I started up our new characters, to see how far we could get with them, since our bonus XP ends today. We ended the night at level 20, not bad for the time we had available. I have to say that I prefer the Night Elf cat form to the Tauren one, but since I'll be spending most of my time as bear, I won't complain too much. :)

I also took some time to run Asara around Dalaran to find a Tauren female and a Dwarf female to put bunny ears on, and get her Noble title. Then I ran Alainds around Dolanaar a bit to get him enough chocolates to buy a Spring Circlet, because he wanted one. It took surprisingly little time to do, considering how many people were there. Some people were camping, others were patrolling the egg spawns, but there are so many around that inn, that it wasn't out of the ordinary to get three or four very close together.

I have to say here that I love how WoW looks on my new computer. The graphics are nice and clear, and the speed is great. And the size of that monitor.. it still feels enormous. I'm slowly rebuilding my UI, I'll probably go whole-hog on Bartender and whatnot over the weekend. The only problem I'm having is that my files aren't being stored properly in the WDB folder (it actually never created one, I had to make it myself), so it doesn't seem to be saving my settings like it should. I ran the repair utility, but it didn't seem to make a difference. If it gets annoying, I'll have to look into it some more.

News at home.. there isn't much, as usual. Andy had his first field trip yesterday, to the Children's museum downtown. His group chaperone told me he was very good, and very polite the whole time. We took Emily to the doctor for a checkup yesterday, and he said she's doing just fine, she's actually tall for her age. Andy is too, I think, so it must just run in the family :) She got the green light for preschool, so we just have to get some forms from the school filled out, and hopefully she'll be able to go to the same school Andy does this fall. *sigh* They're getting so big, so FAST!

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