Thursday, February 05, 2009

Oh, what a night.

Late December, back in '63...

Oh, sorry. :)

I did NOT want to get out of bed this morning. Hubby and son are both sick, and apparently that translates into talking in their sleep. A lot. I had to get up twice for Andy, I don't know if he was having bad dreams or what, but he was making quite a lot of noise. I finally got him a glass of water, and he was quiet after that. Then some time in the middle of the night, hubby must have been having a WoW dream, because I woke up to him saying "Honey, I made the chopper, but I can't find it in my bag!" Then he asked me for a hug, so I gave him one, and that woke him up. He was a little surprised, to say the least.

I fell back asleep every time, but I remember waking up a few more times after that too, for no reason. So needless to say I'm pretty tired today!

Not much else to report really. We're still saving up for our WoW motorcycle, we've got almost 8k saved up, plus 7 out of 12 titansteel bars. If I can make one every day, we might be able to make it by this time next week. Hubby is talking about trying to sell it on the AH once we get it made, for enough that we could buy everything we'd need again and make a second one, plus have money left over. It sounds nice, but after all the time we've spent getting things together to make the darn thing, I'd almost just rather keep it! We'll see. Other than that, I got Saraabi halfway to 74 last night, doing some questing in Howling Fjord. That's about it... how's everyone out there in blogland today? :)

3 fellow footsteps:

Rebecca said...

Hahaha, how funny about the talking in the sleep. I do that too, except I can have full on conversations and no recollection of it the next morning.

You should totally get a tape recorder!! :-0

Happy WoWing! :)

Anonymous said...

Ugh! Shelby was sick last night too. :( No fun...

She didn't talk, though just barfed!

ShawndraKai said...

:) Usually it's me doing the talking in my sleep, not the rest of my family. I have given permission to some pretty scary things when I've been asleep... good thing hubby is there to save, usually.

Good luck on the chopper! I would keep it to, if I had worked so hard getting together all the pieces parts.