Wednesday, February 04, 2009 = Psychic?

I was going through my wish list at a short while ago, taking off things that I got for Christmas that weren't actually purchased through the site, and adding in a few more things, just for fun. I found a towel set that looked nice, and I swear I clicked the "Add to Wish List" button.

Suddenly I found myself on the "Create a Baby Registry" page.

What is this, Do you know something I don't? Because seriously, I remember signing the forms for the whole tube tying thing after Emily was born, and I remember the doctor saying she was going to do it. Which means there should be no more babies coming out of my womb, and no need for a Registry. Right?


2 fellow footsteps:

Anonymous said...

Feeling clucky are we? :P

Rather you than me! Two is more than enough for me right now. hehe

Mind you... 10 years down the line i'll only be 34, so I can't say never, right? ;)

Amazing Gracie said...

At my age, I think I'd kill myself....