Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I have a new goal.

Sorry I haven't been posting much this week. I'm working killer hours thanks to two people in my department taking vacation at the same time. Thankfully I've just got today and tomorrow to deal with it!
In my spare minutes I've been checking out a few things with the WoW armory page. It now shows a lot of character statistics that it didn't before, like how often you've waved at someone, arena history in detail, even how many times you've hopped a flight path from one place to another.
Waaaay down at the bottom of one of the pages is a death count.
There is a line there for "Deaths from Hogger".
It makes me want to head over to Elwynn and see just how long it would take for Hogger to kill me, or if it's even possible. I have an idea as to how I could make it work, but it would be tricky. I'll let you all know if I can manage it!
I have lots of other WoW projects in the works this weekend. Rep grinds, dailies, maxing leatherworking, or at least getting to the point where I can make myself some new things, helping hubby level his engineering (for a new gun for me, and maybe a motorcycle.. after we save up some gold), basically getting ready to raid now that we're at a level to do so. Yee-ha!

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Linda said...

Jamie is in the other room playing WoW as I write this! Maybe it's a good thing that both she and Amanda don't live with me as I'd need a third computer just so she could play WoW, too!

Methinks it's addictive ... I'd best not go near it!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to drop by and say Happy New Year to you, my friend!

Amazing Gracie said...

Happy New Year! It sounds as though you're having too much fun...

Toraneko said...

Engage Hogger naked. It'd probably still take him half and hour to kill you though, lol. I guess if you wanted to speed it up you could pull his entire camp as well!

Barb said...

Wait. Are you going to try to let Hogger kill your high level toons? Good luck with that. But don't you remember WAY back when Hogger was HARD? :P