Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Happy Birthday!

It's my wonderful hubby's birthday today :)
He's feeling a bit under the weather (sorry sweetie!) but I hope he has a good day. I've got a present in mind that will hopefully cheer him up, and I think we're going to go out for dinner tonight too, if he's up for it.

Happy Birthday honey, I love you!!

7 fellow footsteps:

Mo and The Purries said...

Happy Birthday Hubby!!!

Maggie Moo said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Billy!

Thanks for being such a sweet husband to Carrie. :)

Sandee said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Dear Billy,
Happy Birthday to you.

Have a great day honey. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to that great husband of yours. I hope he feels better soon.

Barb said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby. I love him, too ;)

Linda said...

A belated happy birthday to Billy - may he have the best year ever!!

Amazing Gracie said...

Happy Birthday, Billy!!! You win the
"Best Husband & Dad" award! Thanks for being a great role model to other guys. It can be done!
Hope your year is filled with all kinds of good things.