Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I have been remiss!

I've been awarded a couple of awards recently that I hadn't gotten around to acknowledging.. sorries!! *blush*

This first one is from Mo over at It's A Blog Eat Blog World. Thanks Mo! It's always good to know I made someone happy, even if only for a few seconds. It's one of the small joys of my life!

This second one is from Sandee over at Comedy +. Also a great honor, and thanks Sandee! I'm feeling pretty Fabulous today, as Fall is on its way in, and bringing with it some of my favorite weather. So Hooray!

As far as passing these out, if you're here reading this, consider yourself awarded with both! You're making me smile by stopping by my little corner of the blogosphere, and that in my book makes you Fabulous, so congratulations! :)

4 fellow footsteps:

Sandee said...

Very well done. I really like how you ended this one. Have a great day. :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats, my dear! You make me smile and I also think you're fabulous. Glad to be in such awesomely wonderful company!!!

Have a great week!

Linda said...

Oh crapola, I've got to post the You Make Me Smile award, too. I got it from Mo and from Jean-Luc. It's so easy to forget I got these things sometimes because my mind is going in a million places half the time it seems! I need to get better organized!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh crap... I'm with Linda on forgetting.... the lovely Sandee awarded me the Fabulous award as well.... I guess she missed the mark on that one?

I'm so friggin behind! (sigh)

But YOU! You ARE fabulous!! She was right on the money there! :-)