Monday, December 11, 2006

The newest addition to our family!

My I-dog. I haven't named him yet, I've only had him a couple of days. What he is, basically, is a speaker for my MP3 player. But he's also a little like a pet, in that he needs music and attention to be happy. His mood is reflected in the pattern of his lights, and the speed at which they blink. His personality is reflected in the color of the lights around the outside (I like Rock, so they're usually red). So every day I have to "feed" him music (he also has a microphone so he can listen to the radio, if I don't have my MP3 player plugged in), and pat him on the head or nose every once in a while. The most adorable thing about him is that while he listens to the music, he'll start dancing, moving his head back and forth and wiggling his ears. If he's not being a speaker, he'll also make noises and bark. He also comes in white, pink, or spotted, if you're interested. Or, as I found at the Hasbro website, you can get a cat, or a fish, and I think I saw they're coming out with a penguin! Wal-Mart only had the doggy ones when I went in there though. So that's my new puppy, does anyone have any ideas for a name? :)

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Barb said...

Ohhhh so that's what an IDog is :) Cute! I see you've decided he's a him. You like Metallica.. can you tie in something with them for a name?

On another note.. I (we) got Andy a Big Wheel today and an age appropriate remote control Bob the Builder dump truck. We had bought some DVDs for him earlier. Just cheapos.. like $4.

I'm SOOOO stuck on Emily though!!! Any ideas? Any suggestions for YOU? I see the WOW was on Billy's list.. was it on yours too?

Whoops.. I had put what we got Billy then I remember he reads this. DUH!

DirkStar said...

I dogs?

Does it poop jingles?

Does it fetch sheet music?

Does it go in a litter Bachs?


What will they think of next?

Heather in Beautiful BC said...

Oh, Asara - I love him. I want the Tigger one, or no - the pink one, um I just can't make up my mind - they are so cute!

So why'd you get a present this early? You could call him "006".

Alex said...

I would go with WiDO.

Carrie said...

Lol Alex!! Love it :) WiDO he is. I got a present early 'cause I got a Wal-Mart gift card from the company I work for as a reward for the many years I've worked there (7). They just started the program this year, so everyone who's worked there for three years or more got something. I won't get another until I hit 10 years, but that's not so far off :) Something else to look forward to besides another week of vacation earned. And I was good, the rest of the money went for Christmas presents for the kids!

Anonymous said...

Are you going to carry it around in your purse? ;)

Mike said...

He's cute. We used to get gifts at our company too, but they cut that out after 10 years. He looks like he would be fun.