Wednesday, December 16, 2009

So sleepy.

The SYTYCD finale was awesome. There were so many amazing dances, I still can't pick a favorite. It was a tie between Jakob and Katherine's contemporary dance, and Russell and Katherine's hip-hop one. Though Russell and Ellenore were great in their paso doble too! I voted for Russell and Katherine... I can't wait to see who wins!

Andy had his Christmas musical last night. Last year every grade got a chance to perform a song. This year they sort of did the Charlie Brown Christmas play. They had five or six older kids playing the parts, and all of the other kids were more or less a chorus. All of the Kindergarten & Preschool kids sang Jingle Bells, but all of the rest of the singing was done by all of the kids together. The first graders all had decorated Christmas trees made out of styrofoam, so they came out and stood in front to represent all the flashy trees at the tree lot when Charlie Brown went to pick one out. Andy had a good time with that, he was dancing and spinning around. That was the only performance part that they got to themselves though, and I was kind of sad about that. There's always next year, I guess!

The scramble afterward was frustrating as well. They had asked at the beginning of the program that only one parent go to collect each child to avoid a giant congested mess in the hallway. So of course, when everything was done, people were leaving the bleachers and heading out into the hallway before the kids had even finished filing out. We waited until most of them were gone before even standing up, and lo and behold, congested mess in the hallway. Leaving the parking lot was an adventure too, people had parked wherever they could find space, and it was hard to get the car out of the lot without hitting someone who wasn't parked in an actual parking space, or was ignoring the flow of traffic to get to the driveway ASAP. Hubby said the parking lot is always like that when he brings Andy to and from school, cars going every which way to get to the driveway before anyone else. It really makes me nuts how selfish and impatient people are these days when they're behind the wheel. *sigh*

After we left, we took the kids to McDonald's for a Happy Meal treat, and headed home for TV time. After the SYTYCD finale, there was a new Gordon Ramsay cooking show. I watched about half an hour of it, but didn't really see anything that made me want to watch it on a weekly basis. Yeah, it's nice to see a side of Gordon Ramsay besides the screaming and swearing one he's shown on his other programs, but he was so rushed, the people he had in the studio were having trouble keeping up with his directions, what directions he managed to give anyway. The thing I like about other cooking shows is that they take the time to show you how to do things the right way. They might not get a whole three-course meal cooked in that time, but you learn how to do each of the steps in whatever it is they're making. He was just "put the oil in, slice the pepper up real thin, put your pasta in, turn it around, go go gogo, how are you doing, ok, quick joke about how his guest celebrity cooks are having problems, put the shrimp in the oil, go go gogogogogo!!" So yeah, not going to watch that again, probably.

Tonight I think we'll be playing a little Rock Band with hubby's sister, and maybe his sister-in-law as well. It's a good way to unwind and have fun, and the kids can play a bit too. Andy likes singing "Living on a Prayer", or "Living on a Planet", as he says. Emily likes the drums, so we put it on No Fail mode and just let them go nuts. Should be a good time!

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Linda said...

I didn't watch this season of SYTYCD with the exception of maybe one or two results shows. Just couldn't seem to get into it.

Except for the frustration, sounds like Andy's play went well. And I love the idea of a Happy Meal afterward! Hmmm, perhaps a Happy Meal with an eggnog shake would be good for dinner at work tonight ...

Have fun with Rock Band, we haven't played in way too long.

Barb said...

The Charlie Brown Christmas was a cute idea, but I missed the each class singing individually, too. He did SO good though and was so handsome and happy. I've watched it a lot since yesterday. =)