Monday, December 14, 2009

Druids are so OP.

Our WoW time this weekend was dedicated to our horde Recruit-A-Friend druids over on Hakkar. When we started, they were level 38. As of the end of play time last night, they are level 54. All through questing too, we didn't run an instance all weekend. The next time we play them they'll be heading for the Plaguelands and level 60. Once they hit 60, we'll probably be switching to our alliance pair, which are back on Cenarion Circle and in the same guild as our main characters. This will be good, because one of the times I logged on to Facebook this weekend, a guildie from there sent me a chat asking where the heck we have been for the past few days.

We have yet to run the new dungeons that were released with the last patch. It seems strange, but I'm not really in any hurry to either. The day after the patch dropped, one of the guild death knights ran random heroics ALL DAY. When we logged off for the night, he had accumulated over 80 Badges of Triumph. Call me crazy, but I am just not that into the whole rush for the best gear RIGHT NOW thing. I am certain that within the next couple of weeks I will have accumulated enough badges through heroics to keep my gear up to date. From past experience, I know that the only thing that you get from that kind of badge mania is burnout. Besides that, I've been having too much fun running around Feralas with my hubby.

On the "druids are OP" comment, I have to cite an example. We both specced feral for leveling purposes. Hubby's spec is a bit more "bear", mine is a bit more "kitty". So if we end up in a bad spot, he can switch forms, and I can keep up the DPS or pop out to give him a few heals. We've also got two points in improved stealth. So yesterday we had pretty much run out of quests in Feralas, at least to the point where going back after getting our new class skills would be a waste of time better spent in a more quest-rich zone. So we hopped over to the Hinterlands and picked up every quest we could possibly find, and there were quite a few!

One of the quests we got was to kill Vile Priestess Hexx, who sits at the top of Jintha'alor. Jintha'alor is a multi-tiered area, and each level is crawling with trolls of all shapes and sizes. We stealthed through the whole place until we got to the mobs we needed to kill. Just getting that one quest done would have taken three times as long if we'd had to fight our way up there. And we knew when we got to the right level because druids in cat form can track humanoids, so we just had to check our mini-map to see what sorts of trolls were around. We killed what we needed to kill, re-stealthed, and hopped our way down out of the area, then headed back to turn in all the quests that we had done. No other class could have done what we did. A pair of rogues could have handled the stealth part, but a rogue can't heal another rogue through an accidental pull of five or more mobs. Crazy OP. And don't even get me started on flight form herbalism. Where does the bird put the herbs after they've picked them? I don't see any pockets underneath all those feathers!

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Barb said...

You got all those levels this weekend? Dang! You two rock.