Thursday, December 03, 2009

Ahhh, back to "Normal"

The past three days I have been getting up at 2AM to go to work, thus the lack of actual posts. I barely recall what I actually did on those days. I think there was some WoW, and dinner, but the rest is a fog.

I remember last night though! Last night after dinner we put up our Christmas tree. I wish I had pictures, but our camera had gone missing, and when we finally found it, it was broken. So I think that's where my Christmas bonus will be going this year. It's not right to have kids and no way to take pictures of them when they're decorating a tree. Hubby kept saying "spread the decorations around, so they're all over the tree", and Emily kept putting every ornament she picked up in the same area, or right next to one that Andy or I had put up. A little sneaky reorganization left us with a relatively balanced ornament distribution. :D

We bought new lights this year, after discovering that both of the strings we already had did not fully light up. One was half dark, the other was dark in the middle. I managed to fix one of them, but we decided to just get two new strings, and use the one that I fixed around a window or something. Yay new lights! We have a nice compromise when it comes to the lights. I like blinky ones and hubby likes the steady light, so we have one string of each, and they both wrap fully around the tree. It looks a little sparse when the blinky ones are off, but it makes me happy to have blinky lights on the tree. We also put tinsel on, which begins the month-long struggle between us and the cat, who thinks we just covered the tree in sparkly cat treats.

We managed to keep him away from it while we were awake, but first thing this morning when I was getting ready for work, I stepped in a sparkly puddle of cat vomit. This perpetuates the opinion that we all share, that the cat is a moron. He KNOWS he's not supposed to eat the tinsel. We know he knows because while I found the vomit, the cat himself was nowhere to be seen. He ate the tinsel, and he knew he wasn't supposed to, and sure enough he threw it back up, and so he hid in the vain hope that when we found him we'd have forgotten about it. I expect this scenario to play out at least three times a week until Christmas. We try every year to hang it so that he can't reach it, but every year he manages to find some to eat anyway. I guess I shouldn't expect more from him, he thinks plastic bags from the grocery store are the greatest thing ever too. He'll chew on any bit of plastic he can get his teeth on, no matter how many times he gets yelled at for it. *sigh*

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