Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wired and Wireless

I got out of work a bit early yesterday, and was able to surprise Billy and the kids by showing up at Andy's school in time to give them all a ride home. We did some questing on our druids, and got another level for them. I also started my rounds of the Horde capitals on Caelatria. I only managed to get to Orgrimmar before dinner, but I did most of the traveling to get to Thunder Bluff before I had to log off.

We had barbecued pork chops and stuffing for dinner, yum!

After dinner, I thought it might be nice to watch some tv, and color with the kids. Billy just bought a wireless router, so that we could have internet on our computers and not have to run a cord from the modem out into the living room to stream movies or tv shows from Netflix. He was having some trouble getting his computer online with it though. My computer was fine, the laptop was fine, but his computer wouldn't connect. He fiddled with it for quite some time, while I watched So You Think You Can Dance and colored in my Tinkerbell coloring book. He finally got it online by connecting our old switch to the router and his computer to the switch. I can only assume it was something to do with IP addresses. Either way, it works now.

Of course, by the time everything was situated, it was a bit too late to watch anything. The kids went to bed, and he fiddled with the DVD player, which had also been acting up, and got that working as well. The two of us watched a bit of Eddie Izzard's comedy special, Dress To Kill, and headed to bed. Tonight will probably be much the same, though we might have some shopping to do. The kids still need holiday outfits!

I found out what our next Netflix movie will be, Billy picked the GI Joe movie that just came out. My brother used to watch the cartoon on TV all the time, and he had lots of the action figures too. I hope the movie is good!

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Sara said...

I can tell you what I thought of GI Joe, but I don't want to color your opinion of it. Enjoy!

Linda said...

I used to love coloring but haven't done any in ages; it's about as artistic as I get!

Isn't it NetFlix wonderful? I don't know what I did on Sundays at work before it!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Billy and the kids!

Callie Ann said...

have a good thanksgiving crazy gal..

Jens said...

Cute! My fiance and I play wow together and I love that their are other couples out their like us.