Monday, November 23, 2009

Poor Toaster.

All that anticipation, and a whole weekend, and I never watched the whole movie. I guess this was one of those times when the actual thing doesn't live up to my memories of it. I watched the beginning, and it was cute, but it wasn't enough to hold my attention like it used to. The kids weren't overly excited about it either. Oh well, back in the mail it went, and we'll see what comes next. :)

On Saturday we had a birthday party for one of my nieces, which turned into a night of Rock Band after most of the family left. We downloaded some new songs, and played until we couldn't play any more! Yesterday was a quiet day at home. I sat in the living room and watched hubby play Fable 2, and we let the kids play around on our computers. Then after dinner we played a little WoW. We started up a couple of new characters on our RAF account, alliance this time, on Cenarion Circle. I have a dwarf warrior, and hubby has a gnome mage. We got them to Thelsamar, and I hope they will continue to level past that zone. I have been trying to level a dwarf for quite some time now!

We got a raid together after that, to take screenshots for the headset contest. I doubt we'll win, one person went afk before we even took the first one, and stayed that way until after we were done. But it was fun to chase around to all the different places and whatnot. It was a good guild event. When that was done, hubby and I headed out to Outland in another attempt to capture an Anzu mount for me, and also to get an achievement for a few guildies for the latest holiday. We also headed over to ZG, but no mounts from there either.

Then I stayed up too late working on the quests for the new holiday... and I'm paying for it today. I've only been at work for an hour, and my bottle of pop that's supposed to last me all day is already half empty. I think this calls for early bedtime tonight!

How were your weekends, dear people who read my blog? :)

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Kaz Dragon said...

In a shock move, I played WoW for almost the entire weekend, culminating in my rejoining of my old guild, Eradication.

I took Longhoof, my warrior, to a couple of good raids: Sarth 10, EoE 10, and got his tanking off-spec to the point where he's now crit immune (a task which I have been putting off for a long time).

Shorthoof, my Druid, gained two levels to get 77. he can fly once more!

I also ate pizza. It was good.