Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Wednesday already?

It's nice to see that my work week is already getting on toward half over. Yesterday practically flew by, I had a lot going on for a change. I still have quite a bit to do today, it feels good to be gainfully occupied at work! Not that I mind getting paid to surf the internet, but I feel better doing actual work when I'm at work.

The only thing I could do without today is the Whistler. He's wearing a pair of jeans that I know I've told him to get rid of at least twice before today. They're ripped and worn out, and the back pocket is hanging off in such a way that if his shirt wasn't tucked in, his skivvies would be hanging out for all to see. He said something yesterday about how he used to have a uniform and he wishes he could have one again because he ruins so many clothes here. I always have to bite my tongue when he says stuff like that, because if he would be a little more careful about what he's doing, he wouldn't have nearly the amount of mess on his clothes. But he's always in such a hurry, there's stuff flying everywhere.

I feel like I might be coming down with something. :( My throat felt really scratchy when I woke up this morning, and that usually means a cold is on the way. I hope I'm not getting sick, we were talking about doing a little road trip this weekend, maybe going to visit my mother-in-law at her new house. Just have to keep my fingers crossed, I guess!

Not much else to report today, hubby made us some delicious tacos last night, and we watched the Dark Crystal with the kids before turning in. Tonight we'll probably play a bit of WoW, hopefully we'll be able to dust off Mezzaluna and Rhonson for a while, we haven't played them in quite some time! I miss my little priest. :)

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Linda said...

Ut-oh, hope you aren't getting sick! I woke up with a pretty achy back today but I think that's because I overdid it with yard work yesterday plus it's rainy out today. Not a good combination!

Can you write the Whistler up for his clothes? Obviously talking to him hasn't done the trick so perhaps it needs to go to whatever the next level is. I would think that flapping pocket might cause some sort of safety issue if it got caught in a piece of machinery.

Carrie said...

I got the HR guy to come talk to him.. we do have a dress code that specifically says "no ripped clothing", but maybe he thought it didn't apply to him because he's not working in a production area.

Hopefully today is the last time I have to see those pants!