Friday, September 11, 2009

Identity Crisis

Hubby and I were talking last night about character names. I mentioned in my last post that Asara had to change her name when she was transferred to Cenarion Circle. I have adjusted to that surprisingly well, I'm right on top of things when people say "Cael" on vent. Or Saraabi. Many of the people in their new guild consider Saraabi my main because they knew her first. Which is fine. There's actually someone else who is a friend of some people we run with often (yeah, that's confusing) whose main is named Cayle, so they call me Saraabi to avoid misunderstandings. It's still hard to hear "Cayle" over ventrilo and not go, "Yes?"

I suppose this is probably partly due to the fact that I've had many alts, all with different names, so I'm used to adjusting to people calling me different things. Still, it's a bit odd to me that I shrugged off the "Asara" identity so quickly. I still catch myself calling her Asara when talking about her to my hubby, and sometimes I have to remind myself what to type when sending mail from my bank alt, but other than that, she's Caelatria now. It makes me wonder if it's time to redesign the blog. After all, it's my WoW Asara that dominates the header, but that Asara no longer exists.

When I did the transfer, I decided that I wanted a new name. I wanted a fresh start for her, I didn't want to give her some odd spelling of the name she's carried for the past three years. She was stepping away from everything she'd known, I didn't want old baggage carried along, and I knew if she continued to be "Asara", it would be hard to get away from that. I didn't want to give her any name that I had ever given another character before.

Maybe it's time for a new blog. A new life, a new internet "identity".

What do you guys think?

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defkon said...

I recently had a similar experience. I xfered my char and my old name was unavailable. I was sad at first, but I took it as a time to reinvent myself in game :-p.

Linda said...

Well, you shall always be Carrie to me no matter which alternate identity you chose but I say do what feels best to you! How's that for some non-advice??

Amazing Gracie said...

I became "Gracie" because of my real name and the flack I get, thanks to Mrs.Clinton. I chose Gracie because I have been on the receiving end of "amazing grace" so many times. If you need a new blog identity that's meaningful for you, go for it! But like Linda said, you're Carrie to me, too.

Crazy Working Mom said...

Well, I think change is good! Go for it. :)

Anonymous said...

If my Guild disbands I will be server transfering, and I will lose my mains name, but I will probably try and pick something that can be abbrieviated to Zah just because I already have too many psudo identitys, my real name, my online nic, my blog, my main, my alts - maybe also just out of habit. Change is scary - and a clean slate can be refeshing