Monday, June 22, 2009

Lovely Long Weekend :)

So, it's Monday, which means weekend recap! This is going to be a long one, as I had Friday off last week, so I've got three days of fun to share with everyone!

Friday started at the mall, as a friend of hubby's just got married, and we wanted to get them a gift card. After we picked that up, we did a bit of wandering around the mall, where I got some new white sandals and a new dress. Let me just say now, I adore that dress. It is so comfortable and breezy, I would wear it all the time if I could. Unfortunately, dresses at work are a no-no, so I will just have to wear it at home for now. We then hit up the mall cinema and caught an afternoon showing of The Hangover. Which was absolutely hilarious. I almost hurt myself trying not to be the annoying Person Who Laughs Louder Than Anyone Else In The Theater. Out of the main characters, I have to say that Alan (played by Zach Galifianakis.. say that one three times fast!) was my favorite. It's hard to put into words why I loved that character so much, but at least part of it was how he delivered crazy lines like they were absolutely normal things to say. "Tigers love pepper. They hate cinnamon."

Later that evening, hubby went out to hang with a friend, so I had the house to myself for a while (the kids were spending the weekend with my parents). I hopped on WoW, and was puttering around on Asara when someone asked in guild chat for DPS for an alt run of Ulduar. The run had been advertised on the forums, but I hadn't signed up because I figured I was woefully undergeared. But opportunity was knocking, so I figured I'd at least give it a shot. I whispered them saying that I would go if they really needed the extra people, I was available, though my gear wasn't the best, and I don't know the fights at all. A few minutes later I got an invite and made my way out.

In the end, we only got Flame Leviathan down. We tried Razorscale a few times, but had several different issues causing failure each time. We got him grounded twice, but on one attempt we'd lost too many DPS to stray adds or The Bad (tm), and on the other we lost tanks too quickly. So we went over to um.. I think XT? It's the one that throws tantrums in a very annoying whiny voice. Anyway, I'm not sure what went wrong with that one, but we did one attempt, and when that failed, they called it. Either way, I'd had a good time. I got to see the inside of the instance, which was good, and I got a couple of achievements for the Flame Leviathan fight as well, even if it didn't drop any hunter loot! :)

Saturday was a pretty low-key day. Hubby and I got some WoW in, and at the end of the afternoon Mezzaluna and Rhonson were level 71 and working on Dragonblight quests. Then my brother-in-law's wife called, and we went out to dinner with them at Sonic, followed by an evening of Mario Party 8 on their Wii. We were having so much fun that we stayed up until about 2 AM.

Yesterday was yet more WoW, as the Midsummer Fire Festival started. I spent the morning on Asara visiting all the fires that she hadn't gotten to last year. I don't think I'll be able to get her the Flame Warden title though, as I'm almost positive I won't have enough blossoms to purchase the whole set of gear for the dancing achievement. I did get the juggling one, though, and I already had the horde cities and Ahune from last year. So I'll do the torch-tossing dailies as much as I can, and buy what pieces of the outfit that I can, and stow them away for this time next year.

The afternoon belonged to Mezzaluna and Rhonson again, and they got to level 72 before we called it quits for the night, and retired to the living room to watch a movie before bed. We sometimes have trouble deciding what movie to watch, so hubby decided to put a little random chance in it. He counted our movies (125!) and had me do a /roll in game before I turned WoW off. It came up at 108, and that's how we chose what movie to watch. Perhaps I'll make up a spreadsheet so we can fill in the names of the movies, and save some counting for next time. Plus we can keep track of which ones we've watched recently, too!

The one thing I didn't do this weekend was transfer Saraabi over to Cenarion Circle. The cost proved to be a little too steep with the extra spending we did at the mall. I will move her eventually, but it will have to wait another week or so. Not a big deal. I have also decided to try and wait out the issues that Asara's guild is having. Mostly because she's still only getting logged on for dailies anyway, so it doesn't matter too much right now what guild tag is over her head. For now, at any rate. If I get back into a situation where I can raid again, I might rethink this.

And now it's Monday, and back to work. Sigh. I'll close with a Whistler tidbit from last week.

Normally he keeps the oldies station on during the day. He says it's because it comes in the best out of all the stations, as we've got a cruddy old radio with no antenna, and we're in the middle of the building, so it takes a strong signal to get through. On Thursday I found out the other reason. He had the local rock station on for a change, which I really enjoyed. Someone asked me later in the afternoon why we were listening to it, because he couldn't whistle along! I thought back through the day, and true enough, he had been unusually quiet all day, because he didn't really know many of the songs that were played. So not only did I get to listen to music I actually like, I got to do so without a lot of extraneous noise. It was pretty awesome.

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Sara said...

Saturday night was an awesome great time! I loved our "family feud" style encouragements. It was so fun!