Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I have mastered the Schools of Arcane Magic!

...with a little help.

I caught on to this achievement on the day they broke Wintergrasp, and the server was restarting every few minutes or so. I got three or four books that day, and would check on the spawn points every so often over the weeks since, and eventually joined the server bookclub channel. Nobody was very helpful on it though, occasionally someone would mention a fake, but I'd be playing for hours, and no one would say anything about any book spawns. So either people were missing them, or maybe they weren't happening, I don't know for sure. I only remember one time Abjuration spawned and someone said something, only for me to find myself fishing in Wintergrasp with my hearth on cooldown, and no way I could make it back to Dalaran before it despawned.

Regardless, for the past two weeks or so I've been down to one last book. I'd gotten into the habit of logging off next to the spawn point, just in case. And wouldn't you know, yesterday evening while I was at work, hubby logged in and there it was. He didn't know if I needed it or not, but he clicked it, and ta-da, achievement! So when I got home, I got my book out of the mailbox, ported up, and got my little familiar pet.

Quite the rush of achievements lately! I'm working on another one now. I'm honored with Timbermaw, but I've gotten exalted with Sporeggar and Kurenai, so last night I started smiting furbolgs. I was happily surprised to find that I was getting 20 reputation for each one, and 40 for High Chief Winterfall. Last time I was out there, I was only getting 5 for each, and 15 for the High Chief. So considering the fact that I'm already Honored from the time I spent up there getting my Winterspring Frostsaber, and bead turn-ins, I should be Exalted pretty quickly. That will get me both "They Love Me in That Tunnel" and "The Diplomat", and the second one comes with a title!

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