Thursday, June 04, 2009

All right, all right! :)

Suspense time is over.

We have a flowering tree in our front yard, and a few weeks ago I noticed a blue string hanging near the trunk. Upon closer inspection, I found a bird nest sitting on one of the branches. A few days later, there was a tiny blue eggshell on the ground near my car. I've kept an eye on it ever since, but mostly the mother robin has been sitting on it, and she gives me quite the evil eye if I get too close!

However, Tuesday afternoon she was out getting dinner for her babies, and I was able to take these!

Aren't they just the cutest little things?? I'm still not sure how many are in there, but I'd guess three or four. I can't wait to watch them learn how to fly!

7 fellow footsteps:

Brajana said...

Awww, that's adorable!

Mo and The Purries said...

Very cool!
Robins generally lay multiple clutches per year in the same territory, so you should get another batch later in the summer, too!

Sara said...

Awww! Have you shown it to your kids?

Carrie said...

Yep :) They both got lifted up so they could see, though there weren't little heads peeking out yet!

Amazing Gracie said...

We're working on our third batch of doves - right out our back door.
It is SO fun watching them develop and then, scary when they take that first flight!

Barb said...

OOOOHHHHHH how CUTE!!!!!!!!!

CrAzY Working Mom said...

Oh, so sweet!