Friday, May 29, 2009


I have rarely been as happy to see a weekend as I am today. I know it was a four-day work week, but it felt like six or seven. Yuck. Thankfully it's almost over, just have to get through today. Yahoo!!! :D

I was thinking the other day about how I had a cute story about my kids to blog about.. and now I can't remember what it was. So you get this one instead, about something my son has apparently inherited from my hubby.

Now, hubby enjoys building with Legos. He has a ship that he built which really is pretty cool, not following any directions or anything. I joined in one day, and I don't even remember what I made, I think it was supposed to be a ship or a car of some sort. Anyway, I was just messing around, and he looks over at what I made and starts laughing, in a sort of, "OMG what IS that???" way (not mean or anything, just goodnatured teasing). The other day I was playing with Andy, and we were building with his Duplo blocks. And wouldn't you know it, he looks over at what I'm doing, and says, "What IS that, mama?"

So apparently I fail at Legos.

In other news... Last night hubby and I took Mezzaluna and Rhonson out for some more questing. We did quite a few quests in Zangarmarsh, then decided to move on to Nagrand for a bit to hit 65, then we'd be heading out to Blade's Edge. I was pretty proud of us, we did the entire Nesingwary chain (yay for only having to kill 12 instead of 30 of everything), including Tusker, all on our own. We thought about trying Durn, but since we weren't high enough level to even get the quest to kill him, we decided not to. It feels strange to be zipping through Outland so quickly, I remember it taking ages when BC first came out. Depending on what goes on this weekend, we may be ready for Northrend by Monday. Time to start saving up for a third round of epic flying, I think! XD

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