Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Times they are a changin'

Things might start looking a little different around here, for those who actually load up my blog. People around here have been abusing their internet privileges a bit, listening to the radio all day and watching videos and things. I know this because I got an email saying so, and also had it mentioned to me by one of the managers. I don't listen to the radio on my computer, but I do use the internet a bit more than I should. So from now on if I post from work, I'll be posting by email instead of using the internet to load up Blogger. It shouldn't make too much of a difference, but it's been so long since I used email blogging, I'll have to wait and see.
It's been a while since I posted anything.. let's do a bit of a weekend recap, shall we?
On Saturday hubby and I and the kids headed up to Sparta for the afternoon, for hubby's grandmothers' (on his dad's side) 80th birthday party. I don't know his family very well, beyond his immediate family, that is. So we pretty much just sat with them and the kids. They had a nice little buffet of Mexican style food, taco salad, enchiladas, tamales, that sort of thing. And some little ham and cheese sandwiches for those who didn't like that stuff. It was all pretty tasty! Of course there was a huge sheet cake too, yellow with lemon filling and whipped cream frosting. Yum! Afterwards we headed home and played some Rock Band with hubby's brother and his wife. Good times there :)
On Sunday we bummed around the house a bit, played some WoW, nothing earth-shattering. Saraabi tanked Gun'drak, and dinged 78 from quest turn-ins after. That was fun, but I got a little tired of all the knockbacks! Still, we finished it, and the hunter in the party got a couple of upgrades, so that was good.
Monday was a bit more WoW, as I had the day off from work, yay! Asara is now honored with the Sons of Hodir, and well on her way to the Chef title. She is still missing one cooking daily from Shattrath, and a few recipes from the Dalaran vendor. But she cooked up all the recipes she was missing from Outland. Now she just needs to do a few battlegrounds, and bring a Great Feast along to each one, and of course a few more cooking dailies to round out her collection of recipes. I also checked out what she needs for the Salty title, but that one is going to take quite a bit more work yet.
Later in the day, hubby's sister stopped by, and we played.. some more Rock Band! :) I swear, these people only like us for our Xbox 360! (kidding!) In the mean time, our WoW guild is working on Sartharion +3 on Heroic. Hubby and I have been sitting that out, because our computers really do not handle that fight very well at all. There's just too much going on, with AOE and the fire walls and void zones and whatnot. The graphic load is too heavy, and we just can't keep up with what's going on AND not stand in stuff. We're looking into upgrades, but they're a bit low on the totem pole of where we need to spend money right now.
I think that's about all for now. Things are busy busy at work, ramping up for the summer and barbecue season. Hope everyone is well!

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Anonymous said...

Bob said we should buy Rock Band for ourselves, but I said no way! I don't want to play with just the two of us. It is so much more fun to play with 3 or 4. It seems like a good way for us all to get together since we don't play Mario Party anymore.

Linda said...

I haven't played Rock Band since Jamie was here at Christmas. I kind of miss playing now that I think about it!

Funny how I just ate dinner before I read your blog and how I'm hungry all over again with your description of the food at the birthday party this weekend!

Amazing Gracie said...

No kidding! I'm starving!!!

When I was working, our tech guys shut down anything incoming with photos or attachments. A lot of us could listen to the radio as long as we weren't in a position to be right smack dab in the public's eye and it depended on who your director was! And then, you always have the goober that wants to shop QVC while everyone else does their work. ARGH!
Have fun with Rock Star!