Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Not much to report today.

I got out of work terribly late yesterday, so there wasn't much time to do anything when I got home. I ate dinner, and then it was bedtime for the kids. Hubby and I took turns running our RAF alts through Scarlet Monastery, and got some nice boss drops for a few levels later. We're both level 32 now.

When I first logged on, I got a whisper from my guild leader asking me if I wanted to raid. They were setting up for Malygos, and 2-drake Sartharion. I kind of wanted to go, I mean, I'm not going to earn back my DKP by not raiding, but hubby and I had plans to play together, and I wasn't going to ditch him for a few points of DKP. I told my guild leader I didn't want to go, and got a bit of a guilt trip back. He asked when the last time was that I had raided. I told him I had signed up for last Thursday, but that raid had gotten cancelled because there was some issue with Comcast internet for a lot of people, and they couldn't get enough together for a decent raid. So the last time had been two weeks ago, the Sartharion/Malygos wipefest. I asked him if I didn't go, did it mean that they couldn't raid, and he said not exactly. Then my class leader asked me if I wanted to raid. I finally told him that hubby and I had planned what we wanted to do last night, and raiding was not a part of it.

It was a little frustrating for me, to be honest. It reminded me of all the reasons I had asked to get demoted in the first place. I didn't want to be made to feel bad when I declined raid, no matter why I declined it in the first place. I am comfortable with one night a week, maybe two. So I always sign up for Thursdays, and this week I'm on standby for Sunday's raid as well. When my class leader talked to me about returning to member/raider status, he said "just decline raid when you don't want to go". That's what I have been doing, and that's what I intend to continue to do. Had I put myself on the wait list and changed my mind, that would have been a different matter entirely.

It ended up not mattering in the end. One of the initiate warlocks logged on, and they went instead. And raid was done about two hours later, Malygos and Sarth +2. So I would have gotten 20 DKP if I had gone. I'm currently about 150 in the hole. And odds are something would have dropped that was an upgrade, which would have cost me another 100. It's just a slippery slope, and because we're down to two raiding hunters, and one of them probably already has all the gear he wants, I'm going to dig myself a deeper and deeper hole.

Of course, the guild leader says that DKP will be reset when the patch hits, so I shouldn't worry about that too much. *sigh*

On the plus side, two of the people I really didn't like got a /gkick yesterday. So at least when I DO raid it will be with a much improved attitude. Silver lining, right? :)

2 fellow footsteps:

Amazing Gracie said...

I feel as though we're living in parallel universes! Keep having fun - that counts.

Anonymous said...


Having annoying guildies /gkicked is great.

Having them become the GL is not so great. =(