Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I think I killed my brain.

I'm having an issue with general brain power lately. The past two days at work have been kind of a blur. I think I got maybe two hours worth of work actually done. Someone asked me today, "What day is it?" I said.. Tuesday! Completely sure of myself that it was Tuesday. *sigh*

It's Wednesday, by the way, for those who are reading this later or whatever.

I'm mad at myself because I had a whole bunch of things that I wanted to blog about, and I can't remember even one of them right now. I've been catching up on my feed reader, and started and quit comments on three or four blogs, simply because I couldn't seem to put three sentences together in a way that would convey what I wanted to say.

So I think I'll just sit here for a few more minutes and watch the Whistler get water everywhere, just from washing his hands. The faucet has more range than "off" and "full blast", dude.

3 fellow footsteps:

Amazing Gracie said...

Just be glad he washes his hands!!!
I know exactly what you mean. My brain no longer focuses - I'm just glad I still remember how to type.

Kaz Dragon said...

If one of those blogs were mine, then I don't mind even if you leave a message that says "My hatstand loves cats. It's fantabulous."

Barb said...

Not being able to put three sentences together, at least in a way that makes sense, is a normal thing for me. ;)