Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sore throat, Day 3

I'm still not sleeping well. I can remember I had some weird dreams, but not what they were about. I also remember waking up quite a few times. So it's another zombie day at work. Hopefully it will be a short one. Saraabi is very close to 75, and I'm anxious to get home and get her there. She got through the Wrathgate chain last night, so I'm just about done with Dragonblight. I think I'm going to take her to Grizzly Hills next, because I didn't quest there at all with Asara when she was leveling up. I don't want to take her to Sholazar, because I like being neutral with both the Oracles and the Frenzyheart, for mining purposes.

Let's see if I can talk about something other than WoW for a bit...

I watched a couple of movies over the weekend. On Friday night I watched Sweeney Todd, with Johnny Depp, and on Saturday hubby and I watched P.S. I Love You, with Hillary Swank and Gerard Butler. On the whole, I'd have to say I preferred the second one. Sweeney Todd was all right, but for all that I heard about it being gory, I was sort of disappointed. The blood looked like Kool-Aid, even though there was a ton of it. I felt like the one scene where he's just killing people over and over was longer than it needed to be. After three or four, I was thinking, "OK, I get it, can we move on please?" The story itself was not bad, though I would have liked to see more development of the relationship between the sailor and Todd's daughter. I know it probably wouldn't have fit the overall story, but it bothers me when two people in a movie are just suddenly head over heels in love with each other. I feel the same way about Padme and Anakin in the newer Star Wars movies.

P.S. I Love You, now, that had my name written all over it. I think I cried five or six times, if not more. Hillary Swank's Irish husband, played by Gerard Butler, dies of a brain tumor. But before he dies, he sets up an elaborate scheme to deliver letters to her over the next year, to help her cope with his passing. It's an amazing journey of self-discovery for her, he reminds her of the day they met, and the wide-eyed dreamer she used to be before Real Life and Responsibility intruded. The most touching moments are the memories she re-lives, and the way they're portrayed, as though he's standing next to her telling her all the things that she's reading in the letters. It was a gorgeous movie, especially the parts set in Ireland. I could watch it several times over and not get tired of it, though I don't think my tear ducts would be very happy with me. I highly recommend this movie, if you like romance at all, I think you'll like it too.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know what it was about PS I love you that I didn't like, but I was disappointed in it. I loved the way it started out, but it just seemed to go on and on for me. Now, Sweeney Todd I know I would not like. I'm probably going to be outcast for saying this, but I am just not that big a fan of Johnny Depp. He's just...well, odd!

Anonymous said...

Hmm...I love Sweeney Todd and am quite sure that I would hate PS I Love You. We all have different tastes. :)
However, I just finished watching 10th Kingdom again. That is a story that we can both agree is awesome. Wolf rules!

Barb said...

PS I Love You sounds like the kind of movie I would like. I'm guessing I would need a box of tissues at hand?

In a way it sounds a bit like Stephen King's Lisey's Story, but without all the creepiness.

Maggie Moo said...

I've been afraid to watch PS I Love You because I hate watching sad movies about love. I imagine that it has a semi-happy ending, but I think this'll wait until I'm in a solid relationship before I watch it.

Linda said...

The only thing I didn't like about "P.S. I Love You" was Hillary Swank; for some reason, I just can't get into her as an actress. Surprisingly I don't think I cried with this one either and I'm notorious for crying during sad love movies!

As for "Sweeney Todd" I've seen it several times and read that they intentionally made the blood look like stage blood so as not to put people off too much. Of course, the idea of eating meat pies made out of people would tend to put most people off as it is no matter what the blood looked like! I thought that Johnny Depp did an excellent job, especially with his own singing but it's most definitely a dark, dark movie.

Hope your throat starts to feel better soon! I can certainly sympathize with not feeling well lately - I'm beginning to wonder if I'm ever going to feel "right" again!

Amazing Gracie said...

I'm weird about movies. I really have to be upbeat in order to dive headlong into sad movies. Having lost a husband makes those kind of movies too personal. But I can watch "dark movies," as Linda called them and I love crime stuff. Don't know why I can read/watch people being killed in horrible ways but can't watch someone's heart being broken! And I can't watch stuff involving children or pets!!! That's a good way for me to dive into depression.
Feel better, my dear~!

Kiyotoe said...

my significant other LOVES P.S. I Love You. I admit that it was better than I'd expected but still a little too chick flicky for me.

Those movies make us ordinary guys look bad ;-(

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed both of those movies, but I'm probably with you on the PS I Love You, I'd probably watch that again before Sweeney Todd.

Cute guys with Irish accents? I'll take 2, please! :)

Hope you're feeling better, I'm just getting over strep throat myself!