Saturday, February 07, 2009

New WoW stories

Last night was an off-night for official guild raiding. But on the schedule was a night for BC raids, just to get some achievements, and have some fun.

And fun we did have. We started in TK, and took out Al'ar, then moved on to Kael'thas. It was ridiculous how fast we got Al'ar down. We got through the first phase after he had only moved over one platform. Then the second phase, he meteored once, and died shortly after. Then Kael'thas, well, he was a little more difficult, but we took him out without too many deaths. The hardest part was phase 3, when all of his buddies are up and around. We didn't really arrange them around the room, so there was quite a bit of chaos. Superior DPS eventually prevailed, and Achievement 1 was ours. I walked out of there with the Thalassian Wildercloak.

Next up was SSC. We took out Hydross without moving him even once, and I got the Ranger-General's Chestguard, by virtue of being the only hunter in the group. We zipped through the trash and headed over to Lurker, who died before he could ever summon his adds. Our priest CL got the achievement for fishing him up. Vashj was next on our list. This one took a while, due to having less than 25 people in the raid. We got through phase 1 in short order, and managed phase 2 on the first four tainted elementals that popped up. Phase 3 was just as short as phase 1, I don't think we ever got any sporebats, or whatever it is that drops the poison spots down onto the raid. She was nice enough to drop the Serpent Spine Longbow for me.

At this point, had I been 70, I would have been just rolling all over the floor in happiness. These were great drops back in the day!

After Vashj was down, we headed out to Tanaris and Mount Hyjal. This took a bit longer, due to having to get through all of the other bosses before we could fight Archimonde. But fight them we did, and they dropped like flies. Including Archimonde. Thankfully I never got punted, so I didn't have to use my tears on that fight. No loot for me out of Hyjal, I lost the roll on the one Leatherworking pattern that dropped that I didn't have, and the only Hunter tier token that dropped was for the gloves, which I already have.

Three achievements down, we headed for our last stop, BT. We would have hit up Doomwalker had he been up, but he wasn't, so we headed in to work our way to Illidan. Naj'entus was a joke, one shield, and he was down. Supremus, same thing. We downed him shortly after he entered his first kite phase. Shade, again, simple. And on to Teron Gorefiend. Where I became That Guy.

My Deadly Boss Mods had not been working properly the whole night. I didn't quite realize it because CTRaid was working, and apparently some of the functions I thought were DBM were actually coming from CTRaid. So we're pounding away on Teron, and he dies. And suddenly, there's a ghost in the raid group. I move, and the ghost moves. Oh dear.

I start frantically pushing buttons, as I'm out of practice, and I'm just trying to get the constructs to stop, because people are yelling on vent "Who's dead? There's constructs, what's going on??" I finally get the hang of it, but too late, as my time is about up. I die, and there are still two constructs running around in the raid group. Whoops. Everyone eventually had to die, because there was not going to be a second ghost, the boss was dead, and they had no way to kill the constructs.

I started apologizing over and over, and hubby's trying to tell me, it's ok, honey, it's ok! Finally my GL goes, it's FINE, Asara, we're having fun, really, it's ok! So I felt a little better after that. I don't even remember if they did loot on him, because of all the confusion. A few minutes later I was laughing about it, because I suddenly got the image in my head of Jeff Dunham and his puppet Akhmed, the dead terrorist. Whose catch phrase is, "I KEEL YOU!"

We finished up the rest of the bosses in short order. We blazed through Gurtogg Bloodboil, Reliquary of Souls, Mother Shahraz, and Illidari Council. Finally we got to Illidan. At this point it was almost 1 in the morning, and we had started at 8:30. I'm tired, hubby's tired, we're ready to call it quits, but we've just got this one boss to go.

Apparently Illidan is a complicated fight. Three separate people start talking about strategy, and what to do during what phase. The GL calls for silence on vent so one person can explain what we're supposed to do, and one of the officers keeps interrupting, adding on things, so I still have no idea what's going on. There's something about parasites and standing on top of certain people with fire elementals.. I'm totally lost. Finally I said in an off channel, where the GL and some of the other people in the guild talk to old friends (people who used to be in the guild but have moved on, on good terms), "This is all fascinating, but it's almost 1AM and I'm really getting tired."

So finally the GL jumps in and says ok, let's just try this and see what happens. So we try it, we get to the elementals, and because (even in the 20 minutes of explanation) nobody had explained to the people tanking the fire elementals where exactly they were supposed to kite them, we wipe during that phase.

Learning experience, let's try this again. We go back, and someone shows the tanks how to walk, and we start over. A few minutes later, Illidan is dead, I've got a new achievement, and a quest done. So I and a few other people walk back downstairs to turn it in, and I get my Blessed Medallion of Karabor.

All in all a good night. Until I went to bed and got woken up five or six times by a hyper cat who thought my face was a punching bag.

Can't win 'em all, I guess!

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