Thursday, February 12, 2009

Keep On Keepin' On...

Bit of a blathery post today.

Emily's got pinkeye. It's finally getting better, thanks to some eye drops from the doctor, but for a while there she was looking pretty pathetic. Hubby said when he went to wake her up yesterday morning, her eyes were stuck shut. Hopefully that won't happen again this morning, poor thing. Our doctor was nice enough to give us a prescription big enough for both kids, should Andy come down with it a little later.

Hubby took us all out to Olive Garden last night for dinner. I had mezzaluna with shrimp, and it was absolutely delicious. I love that restaurant. We had a bit of wine too, which went right to my head. Wine always does that, I have no idea why. I can have four or five glasses of rum and coke before I feel it, but half a glass of wine and I start getting silly.

When we got home, I sat down and started trucking through quests on Saraabi. She had eight bubbles to go until 74, and I finally knocked that out around 10PM. I did a bunch of quests in Dragonblight, starting with the Wyrmrest ones and ending with the Wintergarde Keep ones. I also have to give a shout out to Soullock, for helping me out.

I was doing the Emerald Dragonshrine quests, and got the one for the Plume of Alystros, which is a group quest to kill a huge green bird. Well, I went over to where Alystros is, and Soullock was there soloing it with his felguard. I was content to wait, and maybe haul hubby out of the living room to help me out. But since I was there, I buffed him and his felguard. I also gave him a hand with a couple of heals on the felguard so he could knock out a bit more dps and not have to health funnel, since he had the bird almost dead already. He was nice enough to invite me to a group, right before Alystros died, so I could get the quest item from it. So thank you again, Soullock, for making my road to 80 a little smoother.

The Obsidian Dragonshrine was a completely different animal, there were four or five other people there, and quite a bit of "me first" attitude going on. I spent a lot more time there than I should have had to, thanks to having to wait for kill quest mobs to respawn. So I guess it evens out.

Tonight is raid night, I'm not sure what's on the menu, but probably a wing or two of Naxx. We've done some recruiting lately, and actually had more than enough people for raid on Sunday. It looked like the same thing happened last night, which is great. Hubby and I volunteered to sit out on Sunday, but I think if it comes down to that tonight, I don't want to. I don't want to get too far behind people gear-wise, because who knows when Ulduar is coming out, and I want to be geared enough to go in and not have to be carried through. Plus I took tomorrow off at work because it's my birthday, so I get to sleep in!

That's about it for now. I hope everyone is having a great day, and if I don't post over the weekend, have an awesome weekend as well!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you had a nice night. A dinner out must have been nice. Sorry, to hear about Emily. Here's hoping that none of the rest of you catch it. :)

Barb said...

Oh pink eye is nasty.. poor Emily!

I see over there---> that she is almost potty trained! YAY for her and YAY for you guys! (Want to come do my puppy now? :P)

Olive Garden, huh? Every time I see a commercial for them, I tell Mike I've never been to one and use sad puppy eyes. I must need to perfect that look cuz I still haven't been there.

Glad ya'll had a nice night out!

Happy Birthday a day early. :)

Linda said...

Every time I see the Olive Garden commercial for the mezzalunas, my mouth starts watering! They look absolutely delicious!

Sorry to hear about poor little Emily; hope the medication does its job quickly!

Rumor has it someone has a birthday tomorrow ... !! Was dinner out an early celebration?

Anonymous said...

My Emily has been rubbing her eyes and one has junky stuff in it! I sure hope that it's NOT pink eye.

I ♥ Olive Garden. It's my favorite place to eat. I love their fruity sangrias!! mmmmmmmmmmmm...

Happy Birthday, m'dear.