Friday, February 06, 2009

I'm such a waffler.

I'll talk about that in a bit though. First I have a story to tell you all. I debated about writing this here for a while, but the subject totally fails at computers and the internet, so I doubt he'll ever find it. So I'll share it, but I'm changing his name, just in case.

We had a guy who worked here, I'll call him Woody, who was, let's say, not the sharpest crayon in the box. There was open speculation at times about how he got and kept his job. He didn't just work here, he had a number of companies he would visit throughout the course of his day.

He had been having problems with his phone at home, getting other peoples' calls and whatnot, so one day he decided to call the phone company and get his number changed, in hopes that would fix the problem. He called them from one of the other companies that he worked at. So keep that in mind, he was NOT at home when he called.

He was talking to the customer service rep, and gave them his address, and told them what the problem was. The rep asked, "Are you calling from your home number?" Woody replies, "Yes". So the rep does what is asked of him, and changes the number.

The employees of this company started getting emails. "Hey, we're calling you, trying to put through an order, and nobody is answering the phone." People were confused, nobody understood what was going on. This went on for four days, because they knew the number had been changed, but they couldn't figure out how. Finally someone said, "I'm going to get to the bottom of this." They called the company's number.

Woody answered.

"Yeah, I'd been getting calls on my answering machine for a few days now from people wanting to order stuff, I didn't know what was going on!"

Somehow, when he called the phone company, they directed the number of the place he called from to his house, because he had said he was calling from home, and gave that company a new number.

True story.

And as for the post title... it's WoW stuff :)

I did respec to Beast Mastery when I logged on last night. I got my Chompy out of the stable, and I was happy. I missed that little guy. So we ran around getting things situated, I bought a new glyph of Bestial Wrath and stuck that on, grabbed the arrows hubby made me from the mailbox, and went out fishing for hubby and I.

As it got closer to raid time, it turned out that we were short healers, which is happening more and more often. So the GL picked out 10 people to go work on 10-man Malygos, and said he'd try to put together a 10-man Naxx, depending on who was online at raid time. Hubby and I weren't in the Malygos group, as usual. But I stuck around, because I wouldn't mind heading to Naxx either.

We ended up only having two healers, but we decided to have a go at it anyway. There were two hunters in the group, me and one other. Before we headed out, one of the priests asked if either of us was Survival. Both of us were BM, this other hunter hasn't respecced out of BM at all, even with all the changes going on. So the priest was all :( Boo for non-Replenishment-bringing hunters. I offered to respec, but he said no no, play the way you like playing.

Cue crisis of conscience. I know where to get a quick SV spec, I'm in town so I can switch out glyphs again, and get my wolf out. I had a bit of practice with a shot rotation, I figured I could pull it off respectably. All it would cost me is 40g for a respec.

So I respecced. I am Survival again. I rationalized it as I had wanted to try it out in a raid anyway, and I could bring something to the raid that nobody else was able to bring, since we had no pallies or shadow priests.

We managed to clear Military and Spider wings, with very few problems. We had a bit of trouble working through Four Horsemen with only two healers, but they finally worked something out with lightwells that got us through Rivendare and Korthazz, and once they were down, the other two were just a matter of time. Out of all the bosses, none of them dropped any hunter loot at all, except for... um... I think Gothik dropped a belt, but I've got the Torn Web Wrapping from Maexxna, which as far as I know is currently best in slot. The other hunter has the badge belt, so he didn't want it either. So no upgrades for me from there. Hubby won his T7 robe, but found out when he went to turn it in that the one he had from Heigan was actually better.

I am happy to say I did pretty well on Recount. Especially on the boss fights. Of course with all the confusion over speccing and whatnot right before the raid I forgot to log it, but WWS has been acting up for me anyway, so it probably wouldn't have done much good even if I had. So, in the interest of saving gold for our motorcycle, I'll probably stay Survival until 3.1 comes out.

After the raid, someone was asking in guild if anyone wanted to go kill Omen for the achievement. I was the only one interested, but the two of us headed out there anyway. I picked up the quest, and we looked around to see if there were enough people out there already to get a group together. There weren't. It was pretty empty out there, actually. But I rode out to where Omen is summoned, just to see, and there was a group of Horde there who had just killed him. He was laying there dead with a big spotlight on him, and the other person in the guild came over too, to see. They walked over his corpse, and got a quest completion message. Apparently just walking through the light was enough. So I did the same, turned in the quest, and voila, achievement!

I still need quite a few elders before I've got my title, but I'm really hoping to have the time this weekend to knock some more of them out. Tonight the guild is heading out to do some BC raid stuff, here's hoping we go for SSC and I can fish up Lurker. That'd be one more step toward Salty Asara! XD

Happy Friday everyone, sorry for writing so much today, I guess I just had a lot to share. :) Hope you're all having a great day!

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