Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I'll be so glad when tax time is over.

For one, because mine will be done, hopefully with a nice return from the feds.
For two, because I drive past a Liberty Tax every day on my way home from work. For those of you who may not have these in your neck of the woods, I'll explain a bit. Liberty Tax is, of course, a tax prep place, like H&R Block. But instead of just having a sign out front, they pay people to stand outside of their buildings dressed up as either Uncle Sam or the Statue of Liberty, or sometimes both. Their job is to wave at people and get their attention, in hopes that the people driving by will come in and have their taxes done.

Now, hubby and I go to H&R Block. So there's no chance that these people waving at me is going to have any impact on where we go to get our taxes done. Which means that every day when I drive by these poor people standing around in the snow and waving at people, my first reaction is to squinch down in my seat and pretend I don't actually see them. It makes me very uncomfortable, because I feel bad for them, having to freeze their butts off, and probably not getting paid very well for it, while at the same time I know that their efforts, at least in my case, are futile. My second reaction is to roll down the window and apologize for not getting my taxes done there, because I know they can't be having a lot of fun out there, and I feel even worse for them, but I know there's nothing I can do about it either.

Mostly I just stare at the road and pretend they're not there. But I have to do this EVERY DAY between now and April 15, because those danged people are going to be out there every day between now and then. I've already been dealing with this for like a month, because they started up right near the beginning of the year. I can't take it much longer, I may have to find a different way to drive home from work. Curse you Liberty Tax!

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Anonymous said...

Bob insists on beeping the horn at them as a way to acknowledge them and say hi. Talk about embarrassing!
I have one that is on my way home from work. I usually just smile at them (I also do this to the Domino's Pizza guy in the summer who stands at that same corner). Other times, I ignore them completely.
We have one guy that disturbs me though. He actually points at you as you go past - that is kinda freaky.
Why would I get my taxes done by these people? I don't know them from Adam and can do it for free by myself. Luckily, my taxes aren't very complicated.