Monday, February 23, 2009

I can quit whenever I want.. really...

Raiding, that is.

I did ask my guild leader to demote me last week, and he did. I am now officially a non-raider. The first thing I did? I re-specced to Beast Mastery and got my poor Chompy out of the stable. He was so happy, he went frolicking all over Ironforge. It took me an hour to track him down again!

We ran some heroics and whatnot over the weekend, and I've still been doing decent DPS, so I'm not going to be speccing back to Survival before dual specs come out, whenever that might be. I ran Occulus for the first time yesterday (on Heroic too), and odds are it will be my last, unless I get really achievement-crazy, and try to do the ones where you have to beat the boss with everyone on the same color drake. I also got some things done in H. Nexus, with a guild rogue who really IS achievement-crazy. We went in for the Telestra achievement, when she splits, you have to kill all three of the split versions within 5 seconds of each other. We were all guild, except for our healer, which was a PUG tree in pretty good gear. Like several pieces of 7.5 good. He also had all but three of the Heroic dungeon achievements done. We thought it would be cake, but no dice.

The tree didn't seem to understand what we were trying to do, even though he'd already done it. We would get the first split in time, but we were having trouble with the second, so we kept resetting the encounter. After the third time, the tree starts saying, WHY NOT JUST KILL HIM? He did that several times, in all caps like that. We started wondering if the player behind the tree really understood the point. And the healing was.. ergh. It was like someone gave the toon to their friend who's never played before, and said, oh, just hit these buttons. We went through five or six tries, and finally started to get frustrated. So when Mr. Tree piped up, "This is stupid, why not just kill him?" AFTER we had explained twice that we were trying to do the achievement... I finally said, "It wasn't so stupid when you were doing the achievement". He goes, "Yeah, well it didn't take me 15 trieds (sic) either" Hubby says, well, you can leave at any time, so he responds, fine, I'll leave then.

We got a good friend (and kick-ass healer) to come help us finish up, and wouldn't you know, we got the achievement on our first try once she joined us. We went on to also get the achievements for the rift boss, as well as Keristrasza. Awesome time. (and many thanks to Fäith, though she'll probably never read this).

Later last night, I was spodding around on my paladin (who is now level 76, woo!), spending money on leveling up her Jewelcrafting. I made her some new trinkets, and cut some gems for the sockets in them, and then I was going to head out and do some more questing on her. In the meantime, hubby's getting ready to raid, and apparently a few people haven't shown up. He asked me a couple of times if I wanted to go, and I said no, though I was thinking, oh, just go, what will it hurt? They were going to finish clearing Naxx and maybe head to Malygos after.

Finally my guild leader whispered me, and asked me, "Are you sure you don't want to go? We just need one more DPS". I asked him if I could just come for Naxx, because I'm really not very enthusiastic about trying Malygos. He said sure, I could even just stay until someone else in guild logged on and was ready to go. So I went.

We had the plague wing, and then Sapphiron and Kel'Thuzad left. I stayed for the whole thing, and we finished around 10:30, I think. Got myself a nice little polearm from Heigan, which I'll be putting Massacre on when I get the chance. Sapphiron dropped a lovely little neckpiece, which I won on an offspec roll by virtue of being the only person to do so. I'll be saving that for when I run as Survival again, due to the haste on it. Kel'Thuzad dropped Envoy of Mortality as well. I was sorely tempted to bid on it, as it was a bit of an upgrade from my Final Voyage. But my conscience got the best of me. There was a rogue in the raid, who has been a lot better of a raider than I have been. And considering that I'm technically not a raider any more, I was just there as a warm body, I felt that I really should let him have it, as he'll be getting a greater benefit from the stats on it than I would. So I did.

*sigh* I hope he enjoys it. XD

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