Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I just caught up my feed reader for the first time in months. At one point it was up to 1000+, but I hacked it down a bit at a time, and finally, it is empty. I'm sure in an hour or so, someone will have written something.. it tends to happen. But I think I'll have an easier time keeping up now! :) (edit - in the time it took me to write this post, 7 new things have popped up in there)

Thank you to everyone who commented yesterday, and to all the people who called last night to wish Emily a Happy Birthday. I don't think she really understood that it was her birthday, but I got her favorite dinner from McDonald's on the way home, and she is really excited about her party on Saturday. She wants a Princess cake.. thankfully they actually sell pre-made cake decorations for the Disney princesses, so I shouldn't have to go through what I did to make Andy's birthday cake! It was fun to do, but a road made out of frosting is leagues away from an actual princess. Though maybe I could do a crown, I think she'd rather have the actual recognizable princesses. And she wants chocolate cake!

Didn't really play a lot of WoW last night. We watched some TV with the kids, and played a little after dinner. I got my LW epics crafted, which cost me 500g, mostly in Frozen Orbs. I had one, but needed three, and they were going for 100g each. Everything's all enchanted and stuff too, ready to go for my next raid, which I think is Thursday. SI raids Wed, Thu, Sun, and Mon, and I think we'll make a regular habit of Thursday and Sunday.. because too many days of being tired at work is not good for me. The hours have changed since last year too, they only go until 10:30 server now instead of 11:30, but we're an hour ahead of server time, so it's still 11:30 at night for us. And if anyone checks Asara's armory and wants to know, her Giantmaim Bracers are in the bank until she gets another piece of gear with +hit on it. She's just barely below the 8% cap right now (2 points in Focused Aim), and I didn't want to respec AGAIN, so the blue ones stay until I get an upgrade for another slot that's got hit to replace what I'd lose by switching out my bracers. That shouldn't take too long, I believe the chestpiece from Argent Crusade has 40 hit on it, and I'm getting very close to Exalted over there.

After that I played my newest rogue for a while.. I swear I have too many alts to count. Malfurion is full, and I had just watched that video that everyone is talking about, the Craft of War: Blind one. It got me wanting a blood elf rogue, so I went over to a new server, just picked one at random, and created Caelesti. She's level 8 now, almost 9. I already have three or four rogues scattered around.. Macleod (human) on Norgannon, Vylette (Nelf) on Azshara, and Däta (gnome) on Malfurion, but I really wanted a blood elf. I doubt she'll stick around, my characters on realms other than Malfurion don't tend to get played much. Macleod is stuck at 23, Vylette is 9, and so is Däta. Yes, Draevyn (my belf mage) is level 63, but he was on Malfurion for a long time before he got transferred to The Scryers to play with my mother-in-law. But she's not playing any more, so I haven't had much of a reason to play him.

Not to mention I really want to get Saraabi to 77 so she can start turning in her Damaged Necklaces.. she's got two stored away that Alainds and Asara have found while doing dailies, and I have to admit I was a little sad to see that they don't stack. All the more reason to level her up, right? Plus hubby has two characters that he'd like her to play with, so I really should spend some time on her. She's only level 71 right now, but her mining is already maxed from running around Sholazar and trying not to die. She really does pretty well, she can take down level 76 mobs, as long as there's only one. An hour or so in there netted her enough Saronite to send to Alainds for some Saronite Arrow makers for Asara, which was great. It would be even more great if she could just fly around though, and make use of the epic flyer that I bought her near the end of BC!

But of course in the meantime, Asara's still got two trinkets from BC that need replacing.. I hate use-trinkets, so I've been hanging on to the two she has for longer than I probably should have. She's got the Dragonspine Trophy and the Hourglass of the Unraveler, both of which took a lot of time and effort to get. They're not bad trinkets.. but there are better ones, and she really needs to get on the ball about getting them. So much to do!!! XD

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Maggie Moo said...

Lucky girl with her favorite dinner! I remember Mariah at 3 not really "getting" it either. She just liked the attention. :)

When I make cakes the worst part for me IS making the frosting. I end up looking like a bag of M&M's with all of the colors stained on my hands. I don't like it one bit!!

Rebecca said...

Awww, I wished her a happy birthday over at Skittles Place, but your post wasn't up here when I came by yesterday :( Sorry!! But it sounds like she had a great birthday, I hope she also has a great party!! :)

Oh, and WHoooooHoooo for getting caught up on your reader feeder thingie :)

Amazing Gracie said...

Love the photo below! She's such a pretty baby and you look so delighted. I wish Emily a belated birthday...