Monday, January 19, 2009

Sorry :(

I apologize for disappearing for three days! It turns out that I was getting sick, and in fact I still AM sick. I called in on Friday and huddled on the couch all day. Saturday was Emily's party, and I couldn't miss that (or make hubby take both kids AND presents AND cake all the way out to Chuck E Cheese's by himself), so off we went for that. I'll have pictures of her cake and stuff eventually.. she wanted a chocolate princess cake, so I had some fun with that. I still haven't had any though. :( One of the lovely side-effects of whatever sickness it is that I have is that nothing seems to taste right. So I'm probably going to save aside a piece for when I feel better, and can enjoy it properly!
Emily got some very nice presents, some My Little Ponies, a Barbie, some foam blocks, and a big cuddly teddy bear. All of the kids had a blast playing games and having pizza. So much so that we stayed for quite a long time! But eventually we had to go home. The kids went over to my parents' for the night, and hubby and I went over to Bob & Sara's to take showers. Because on top of everything else, our water pipes froze over the weekend. As of right now, they're still frozen too, thanks to the multitude of excuses our community maintenance man has come up with over the past few days. He said yesterday that he'd be over this morning, so hopefully we'll have water by the time I get home from work today.
All in all, it was an interesting weekend, to say the least! How was yours?

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Bob said...

Well, our daughter had a birthday party of her own, we had a few other little 2 year olds show up. I swear i live in a land of pink.

Maggie Moo said...

Feel better!!!

Linda said...

Oh no, so sorry you've been sick! And on such an important weekend, too!

Hope you're back to 100% soon!

Amazing Gracie said...

I'm sorry you're sick, too!
I can't believe these maintenance and landlord types. You and Linda with the hot water...YIKES!
Take care and drink lots of chicken broth.

Callie Ann said...

Get well soon dear... a bunch of you guys are sick right now.. glad we can't catch it over the internet. Don't tell Al Gore I don't want him inventing that.. :)

Barb said...

Me and Mike have been fighting that cold/flu, too. He has been more successful than I have been.

We will still be sending Miss Emmy Lou Who a gift..

Rebecca said...

OMG frozen pipes? And you're sick! That really stinks! I'll spare you the details of the weather here... but AC had to be used over the weekend :-0

I really hope you're feeling better soon!!