Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Friday!

I'm sort of surprised it's Friday already! Earlier in the week the days seemed to be going by so slooowwwwwly. I'm glad though, I've been staying up too late the past couple of nights. It will be nice to sleep in tomorrow (assuming the kids let me).

Got a bit of WoW in last night finally. It was difficult, with guild members linking things from Northrend that they're buying or finding. We'll get our copies soon enough though. Saraabi did an ore run through Nagrand, and there were Death Knights out there already! While she was mining in the lake next to the Elemental Plateau, she spotted a big rare crocodile! So Asara was called in to deal with the problem, thereby earning herself the "Medium Rare" achievement. While she was there, she visited the Consortium members over by Oshu'gun to pick up her bag of "Premium" gems for the month. Unfortunately, they weren't quite as premium as advertised, as she opened the bag and found a Golden Draenite, a Shadow Draenite, an Azure Moonstone, and a Talasite. She sent them off to Saraabi, so that once she's able to get into Northrend and find the next-level Jewelcrafting trainer, she can have more materials to work with and get some points before starting in on Northrend gems.

After that, Numae wanted to get a little bit of Inscription done, so she hopped over to Ironforge and learned her Minor Glyph for the day. Then Alainds offered to run her through Maraudon, which she gladly accepted. The two of them cleared the place without much incident, save for the pause in the middle when Emily's dinner decided that it didn't want to stay in her stomach any longer, and would rather be on the carpet in the playroom.

I have to give enormous props to my wonderful hubby at this point.. as he took on the job of cleaning all of that up. I would not have been able to do it without adding my own contribution to the mess, but he just went and got towels and took care of it. Love you honey!! <3

After that, I put together a submission for the banner contest that my guild is having for their webpage. Only two other people had turned in anything, and as they're boyfriend/girlfriend, and the guy is the one who's in charge of the website as it is.. I thought they could use a little competition. (You'll need to click on it to see the whole thing.)
So there's that. The other ones are just pictures of snow and ice with that phrase on 'em. I found this picture of a cave in the ice, and thought it needed someone peeking out. If it gets picked (which I'm sure it won't) I get 500g, but win or not I had a lot of fun making it.

After that was finished, I hopped on Numae again to turn in her quests from Mara. After that she hearthed to Ironforge, and noticed how echoingly empty it was. I thought, hm... if IF is that empty, I bet Orgrimmar is too! So off Asara went. She charged through the gate on the Azshara side, and was promptly squished by the guards. A quick run back from Razor Hill, and a rez off to the side of the path.. and she made her way over by the mage and priest trainers, where she earned the Fishing Ambassador achievement. There were a very few people running around, but either they didn't notice her, or they were too busy to bother her, so she kept fishing a bit.. then I gave in to being tired (since it was almost midnight.. oops), and headed off to bed.

Tonight hubby promised Numae a run through ZF, so I've got that to look forward to. She'll be in Outland before I know it! :D

2 fellow footsteps:

Linda said...

I'm wondering whether to get Amanda the new expansion or wait to see if there are bugs that need working out first. Decisions ... decisions ...

Barb said...

I clicked on the picture but nothing happened.

Yeah.. the day the xpac was out all major cities were dead dead dead.

I've got mine loaded now, but still not making plans for a DK as yet.