Monday, September 29, 2008

What's that you've got there, Saraabi?

Is that.. a FLYING mount??
Really? I thought you could only get those at level 70!
What? You still CAN only get those at level 70?
So that means.. you're level 70 now??!!
Amazing! I never thought you'd get there before the expansion came out!
(sorry she's not more for conversation right now, just a little caught up in the moment I guess!!)

6 fellow footsteps:

Tox said...

Congratumalations! Don't matter how many times you get a toon ta 70, it's still always a feeling of accomplishment. Plus them flying mounts are pretty stellar.

Good Hunting,

Anonymous said...

Huzzah an' happiness! Awesomeness for having reach 70.

Mo and The Purries said...

You realize you're a little "nuts" right?
love ya!
Manic Mo

Linda said...

Amanda is only at level 18 so I don't think she'll be getting one of these anytime soon!

Barb said...


Rebecca said...

WHOOOohOOoohooooo!! Contgratulations!!!

...wait, that is a good thing right? If not, I take the above statement back! ;)