Sunday, August 10, 2008

That was Awesome.

WoW is having an event of sorts to commemorate the Olympics currently being held in Beijing. From the day after the opening ceremony to the day it ends, there are new rewards for winning in battlegrounds.

Your first run, win or lose, is honored with an in-game mail holding a new tabard, with a stylized version of the Olympic rings. For every win, you have a chance of being awarded a Gold Medallion, which summons a Spirit of Competition.

I ran some battlegrounds yesterday and the day before, but all I'd gotten was the tabard. This morning I thought I'd run through Arathi Basin once, since I still had the daily quest from yesterday anyway.

We were losing at first, Horde had 3 bases, we had two. I was on defense at the mine, like I usually do. There was a lot of activity at Blacksmith and Lumber Mill, and two other people were at Mine with me, so I thought I'd wander over and see what was going on at the Farm. There was only one horde there, a mage, who went down pretty fast under a furious onslaught of arrows.

Right after the mage died, a druid popped up right on top of the flag, I guess he was stealthed waiting for me to try to cap, but he decided to try to heal the mage at the last second. He went down shortly after. One other horde came, I think a lock, and kachow, he was dead. So I capped the flag.

I was at low health, and as I tried to heal up, another horde got me from behind and I died. But not before a couple of alliance players had come to offer some help. I seriously believe that was the turning point of the bg, because we stayed on top the whole rest of the time.

And when it was over, we had won! I returned to Ironforge to see that I had mail in my mailbox, and wouldn't you know it...

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