Friday, July 11, 2008

Want Want WANT!

So. Apparently they are testing out items for the Halloween event on the WoW test realms. And also apparently there is a rumor going around that, instead of brooms, this year the Headless Horseman is going to be distributing horsies. Not just any horsies, but black horsies with green fiery hoofs and things. Some that fly, some that don't.

I want.

Every time we run Kara I cross my fingers that Attumen's mount will drop, but it never has. And probably even if it did, I wouldn't win it. Oh, why do I want it?

Well, one of the things that hubby and I do for fun is play dress-up. It's nice to run around banks and auction houses and things showing off all of your tier gear, or whatever, but we also enjoy putting together outfits for hanging out in the city. Hubby has had the most success with this, he's got a pirate outfit and a pimp outfit with a big wide-brimmed red hat. Pretty sweet :) Me? I'm working on a Death outfit. (I didn't manage to get a Scythe from the Midsummer Festival, and I'm pretty sad about that.) Right now it's a black dress, black boots, a green-quality scythe with Beastslayer on it, and the pumpkin head from last year's Hallow's End festivities. I ride around on my black horse and do /doom at people. Pretty fun!

It's an ok set, but I know I can do better. The fiery horse will do a lot for it, and I'll probably work on mats for Savagery on the scythe that I do have, at least until next summer festival, when I'll try for a nice frosty one again.

In the meantime though.. I'm going to be running a bit of AV in an attempt to upgrade my hat. I don't like PvP, and I don't understand AV at all, so this will take some work. If anyone has any hints or suggestions, or links to a good guide or two, I'd appreciate it! And if you've got any ideas for my outfit and ways I can make it look a bit fancier, suggestions for that are welcome too! :)


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DirkStar said...

I think I'd go for the dragon scale thong and the elven mu mu.


I'd be so hot.