Thursday, July 10, 2008

OK People, I need your help!

I have done the unthinkable.. last night I released Jacqueline back into the wild and headed off to Winterspring to tame something new. A type of pet that Asara has never had in all her career as a hunter. At one point or another she has tamed every tamable sort of animal up there, except this one. At 55 she got an all-white Frostsaber Cub, then she picked up one of the blue kitties with white stripes, and Rak'Shiri a bit later, as well as one of the big white owls (named Orly). Last night.. she tamed a bear. I'm going to pretend that it's not in partial preparation for the release of the expansion and the (promised) pet talent trees. Because with the addition of the bear, she will then have one of each type of pet. Cat for DPS, Wolf for "utility", and yon Bear for uber tankage. But that's not really why I did it.. because I'm not preparing for WotLK at all. Nope. Not I.

The help part? This poor bear needs a name, and I am at a loss. Here is what he looks like (image from Petopia):

I'll be taking suggestions in my comments section until lunchtime or so, then I'll put up a new post with a poll, so you all can vote on your favorites! Depending on the number of submissions, I may extend suggestions out for the whole day and do the poll tomorrow. I'd just feel bad to work on leveling him up and have him still be called just "Bear". Thanks everyone!! :)

6 fellow footsteps:

Carrie said...

Suggestions from guildmates last night: Pooh, Honeybuns, BigDrach.

(Side note: Drachneer is the name of our guild leader and usual raid leader, he is a ferlol bear tank (bear druids have gray fur), mostly we call him Drach. One of the priests said I should name it DrachsMom. I said I would, but only if one of the other hunters would tame and level a black bear and name it DrachsDad. Cleverness!)

Anonymous said...

Frosty, Baloo, Ted, Cuteypie, snugglebutt... ok, it's going downhill now so my random attempts at imagination will cease... for now! ;)

Callie Ann said...


Jake, Orin, Pisser, Fred, Bud, Drastic, Narly, just a few my friend

Anonymous said...

Juicy, Old Blue Eyes, The Masticator, Ni, Jeffrey, Grumbly, Lutefisk, Gummibear

Anonymous said...

Girl, I can't even think of a name for my own child. How the heck would I name a bear?!?! *LOL*

I'd call him Bearington. Hah hah hah

Just kiddin'. Good luck. I'm sure with all of the talented WOWers and bloggers that read you someone will come up with something clever!

Kaz Dragon said...

When I first played a Hunter, I had a bear called Bare, a boar called Bore and a raptor called Rapture. I don't think I'm the best for names.