Thursday, July 31, 2008

An Auspicious Beginning (again)

First, today's Lesson Learned. A lunch bag is no place for a half-empty bottle of pop, especially if you were really tired when you put the top back on the night before and didn't make sure it was completely tight. And beyond that, your lap is no place for said lunch bag after said bottle of pop has become nearly completely empty from leaking out the top that you never bothered to tighten.

My pants are nearly dry now though, finally.

In other news, I have an update for you all with regards to my guild. If you've been watching my plurk widget, you'd have seen yesterday that I decided to just bite the bullet and send a message to my guild leader. I was going to wait and see how yesterday's raid night went, but I decided that the sooner he is told how people are feeling the better.

The general gist of the message is that people are unhappy, and that if something didn't change, the guild would fall apart. I also mentioned that the prevailing opinion is that he doesn't care, because he never logs on except to either cancel raids due to lack of signups, or get a raid together and then ditch us to go back to beta testing. That it seems like he is more interested in beta stuff than keeping the guild going.

He wrote me back and said that the only reason he was spending so much time doing beta testing was because he'd done everything he wanted to do with the current expansion besides raid, and that as much as he loves the guild, he didn't want to log in just to sit around or do mindless grinding.

So I wrote HIM back and told him that he really needed to let the guild know that, before rumors started getting thrown around and blown out of proportion, and led people to gquit just from lack of information. The result? A new thread on the forums for people to vent about what's bothering them, especially with regard to our recent lack of raiding, and to offer suggestions about what we could do to get our raiding mojo back. It had a great effect too, several people responded, and we ended up having a great raid last night. There were even four or five people on the wait list, which hasn't happened in weeks. Hubby said that it was like that post showed them that our guild leader cared, and that he wasn't just going to roll over and let the guild die.

It almost makes me sad that tonight was our last official raid night until Sunday. I want this momentum to continue! We ran TK last night, and downed three bosses. We got Al'ar in two tries, and Void Reaver and High Astromancer Solarian down in one each. Void Reaver was nice enough to drop two Hero tokens, and since all the rest of the hunters already have their Tier 5 shoulders, one of them came to me! I'm completely thrilled, I was able to swap my Kara ring back out for my badge one, and I dropped a couple of epic gems in there, as well as the Scryer shoulder enchant. There are only three upgrades I'm really pushing for now, and hopefully I'll be able to get one this weekend. I'm going to PvP for an upgrade on my helm. Sigh. I've already gotten half of the marks I need from AV, so it's just a matter of getting in there and grinding out the rest. Then it's back to Winterspring, because my bracer upgrade drops from Rage Winterchill in Hyjal, and my trinket upgrade drops from Leotheras the Blind in SSC, so I'll just have to wait until we run those, and see what happens! :)

4 fellow footsteps:

Linda said...

Lesson learned on the pop and good luck with that whole guild stuff which truly confuses the heck out of me but I like reading about anyway! Amanda would know more about it as she played WOW for awhile but then stopped as it took up so much time away from other things.

Amazing Gracie said...

I've done the soda thing so many times, it's pitiful. I once dumped a 32oz coke on my computer keyboard - at work!!! I told my boss I was buying a new one before she got the opportunity to fire my butt...
Good luck with the raid stuff - glad you have a hobby that you and hubby can share. Mine wants me to learn to play golf and it's not going to happen.

Kaz Dragon said...

Grats on the shoulders, Asara!

Callie Ann said...

Spilt Pop yucky, yucky, yucky, I am very sorry that happened to you. Glad to hear things our better with the guild. Other than that it is all greek to me.. dang, dang, dang. Have a nice Sunday Asara!